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What is your favorite browser extension?

Give me ideas for must-have extensions for Chrome, Firefox, Safari... no matter. Tell me what I might be missing. 🤔
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    Grammarly for Chrome

    Clear, effective, mistake-free writing everywhere you type.

    i use this on firefox, great help when replying business related emails.
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    When it comes to grammer correction it's realy great extension, helped me many times with official emails.
    Stowe Boyd
    Stowe Boydfuturist, researcher, imperfectionist · Written
    Immensely helpful.
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    The Great Suspender

    Auto-suspend inactive tabs to reduce memory usage of chrome

    Vinit Agrawal
    Vinit Agrawal14Co-Founder at Tars (HelloTars.com) · Written
    It keeps my Chromium Browser from sucking all the memory from the whole of Local Group on this part of the Virgo Supercluster. Also you can whitelist your favorite sites from suspension.
    Rahul Nanwani
    Rahul NanwaniCo-Founder, ImageKit.io · Written
    I do keep a lot of tabs open and Chrome ends up sucking all the memory and battery. This extension suspends them ensuring good performance for a longer time.
    Really handy for Somebody like me who do a lot of research work and needs to open gazillions of tabs...after installing this my chrome has never crashed..
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    Linguix Writing Assistant (ex-Textly.ai)

    Eliminate mistakes in your writing anywhere on the web

    Great extension for speakers of other languages who use English in everyday communication. Textly corrects spelling and grammar mistakes in a real time mode, just need to click and fix the issue. Highly recommend
    Eliminate mistakes in your writing anywhere on the web
  4. 83
    LastPass 4.0

    UI overhaul. Emergency access.

    Sumit Hegde
    Sumit HegdeDesign Lead @Spocket · Written
    Because you know you'll forget your password, eventually.
    Nora Conrad
    Nora ConradOwner of NoraConrad.com · Written
    I LOVE lastpass, I use it all the time
    Thomas Smith
    Thomas SmithMail Prospects · Written
    It is really helpful, it helps in password generator that locks your passwords and personal information in a secure vault and it also gives you secure access from every computer and mobile device.
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  5. Gaurav Agrawal
    Gaurav Agrawal18Coder, Thinker, Curious observer · Written
    Bookmark anything on the web.
    Devesh Kumar
    Devesh KumarDeveloper, WhiteShark · Written
    Allows me to save my reading articles in one click.
    It is your own personal storage for all those things that you can't read immediately without actually taking up any space.
  6. Free and easy to use - does the job right!
    gokulNot a fanboy. Tech enthusiast. · Written
    Block them ugly ads as you like! Light weight and super customizable.
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    Better Than Bookmarks

    Toby is my favourite tool for bookmarks management
    Manoj(Mj)Web Designer and Front-end Developer · Written
    <3 Toby
    MenjDesigner & Developer · Written
    Very useful extension indeed!🙂
  8. Oleksii Kratko
    Oleksii Kratko3Founder at Snov.io · Written
    Oleksii Kratko made this product
    Many think this is the best extension to find emails as you browse websites.
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    Send files, links, and more to your phone and back, fast!

    Johan Le Bray
    Johan Le BrayFull Stack Developer, Shopmium · Written
    Very useful, just drag and drop files to access them on all devices! You can also send SMS from your computer and use their API to do whatever you think about with notifications and SMS!
    Caleb Gleit
    Caleb GleitStudent at American University · Written
    Pushbullet is great, use it on the go to quickly transfer drafts or quick notes to my phone.
    MohitDeveloper - Product - UX - Mobile - SF · Written
    Awesome tool to send stuff to your mobile app from desktop by Push Notifications
  10. 40

    Replace your new tab page with focus goals

    Nikhildas C L
    Nikhildas C LCo-Founder at Cocoalabs India Pvt Ltd · Written
    Such a wonderful extension. I like the random images and quotes and helps us to smile everyday.
    Spencer Hiltbrand
    Spencer HiltbrandFreelance designer for startups. · Written
    Keeps me motivated and people are always asking where I got it. Must be good, right?
    Fekete Attila
    Fekete AttilaFeki Webstudio Ltd. · Written
    Lovely extension, I recommend to you! :)
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    Save 95% memory by converting all your open tabs into a list

    Collapse all your tabs when they are inactive. You can share or export it to anyone.
    Siddhant Tiwari
    Siddhant TiwariGrowth @Mypoolin · Written
    One of my favorite chrome extension. Whenever you find yourself with too many tabs, click the OneTab icon to convert all of your tabs into a list.
    Daniel Senyard
    Daniel SenyardProduct guy - travel, HR and media tech · Written
    One of my faves. when I feel my macbook slowing, I quickly suck all of my open tabs up into OneTab.
  12. 31

    Identify the software used on the websites you visit

    Dimitar Raykov
    Dimitar RaykovDesigner. Built willrobotstakemyjob.com · Written
    A quick technology lookup tool. Using it on a daily basis.
  13. 28
    LINER for Chrome

    Highlight everything! From Wikipedia to PDF files

    Brian Woo
    Brian Woo4Co-Founder & COO, LINER · Written
    Brian Woo made this product
    I've always wanted a tool for highlighting stuff on the internet since it's my life long habit. I've used Evernote and Pocket and everything together but it just didn't work out. So I've made this web highlighter myself and it became one of the major tools for me and a lot of people's workflow. It works seamlessly with Evernote, Pocket, and all sorts of tools. Take a look!
    Jinu Kim made this product
    LINER now supports iOS app, Chrome Extension, Safari Extension, and Firefox Extension. And we have a plan to build Android, Opera Extension and Edge Extension as well. Stay tuned!
    Its really helpful
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    UI/UX and Design Inspiration Chrome Extension

    Great content for designer
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    Adeniji Ayo Charles
    Adeniji Ayo CharlesWeb Developer/Designer · Written
    News feed for designers
    E2MELENGMutimedia graphics & webdesigner · Written
    Great Design Inspiration
  15. Sumit Hegde
    Sumit HegdeDesign Lead @Spocket · Written
    Life saver!
    Need to log into a different account on twitter? Use sessionbox.
    Dimitar Raykov
    Dimitar RaykovDesigner. Built willrobotstakemyjob.com · Written
    I start with Session Buddy. Extremely useful when researching for a project.
  16. 16

    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Hugo Fauquenoi
    Hugo Fauquenoigrowth @todoist and @twistappteam · Written
    The easiest way to add websites or emails to your task list. Can be used to bookmark an article for later, add yourself a reminder to reply to an email, adding stuff to a wishlist... Powerful.
  17. Rob Diaz
    Rob DiazArt Director, Animator, Maker · Written
    Sometimes you just need to know what awesome font that is!
    When you have WhatFont extension, you don't need to remember the name of every font.
  18. 13

    Honey automatically applies the best coupon code at checkout

    "It's basically free money"
    Aaryan Ramzan
    Aaryan RamzanOomo 1st 3D 5.1 Surround Sound Earbuds · Written
    I've really saved some $$$
    Dimitar Raykov
    Dimitar RaykovDesigner. Built willrobotstakemyjob.com · Written
    A must-have extension for every e-shopper! :))
  19. 10

    Rich contact profiles inside Gmail

    Gal Dubinski
    Gal DubinskiCo-Founder at Poptin · Written
    Will help you to enrich your data about the people you email via Gmail, and it also works great with G suite.
  20. 9
    Unsplash Instant

    Beautiful photos from Unsplash in your new tabs

    Andrea Kilin
    Andrea KilinSocial Media Specialist · Written
    Since I rarely spend any time on my desktop anymore, I miss seeing beautiful pictures as background. So instead i found this plugin from Unsplash which shows a new pretty photo each time I open a new tab.
    Anneliese Herbosa
    Anneliese HerbosaHyperconscious consumer · Written
    Just installed this the other day... loving it so far. Very pleasing to the eyes, and serves as a refreshing 'break' when I'm heads down cranking.