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What's the best cross platform to-do list app?

I want to make a to-do list which will be in synced on my laptop and my smartphone. Looking for something which is free or cheap.
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    Taskade 1.0

    Simple & sharable task list, notes, todo app for busy teams.

    Nick Abouzeid
    Nick Abouzeid37Partner @ Shrug Capital Β· Written
    Works on every platform with a beautiful design to boot! πŸ“‘
    • Just started using, really like the simplicity and the look

      Hope it won't be overloaded with features (except for critical ones, like moving tasks between lists)

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    • Ethan
      EthanπŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»πŸ‘¨β€πŸŽ€ Making KanbanMail & Code The Web

      The best todo list app out there, really nice UI! It is very flexible - it can be used as a vertical Kanban, weekly planner, simple todo list, bullet journal or even for note taking! It can even be used for collaboration with a built in chat. TRY IT 😻

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    Organize your life. Then go enjoy it.

    Ben Lang
    Ben Lang24Serial hunter Β· Written
    Cross platform, superb to do list app.
    If you want, paid subscription unlocks tags for more organisation and much more functionality
    DrikerfMaking Β· Written
    Love the product and I'm happy to pay them to stick around :)
    • haabe
      haabeDeveloper @ Snopp DesignbyrΓ₯

      We were looking for a tool to replace Asana, and after initially testing Todoist, became certain it could be the tool for us. But sharing projects is a PITA. There's no easy way to let your team have access to all newly created projects. Also, the projects structure isn't shared, so sharing a new subproject causes havoc in the teammate's projects structure, and the teammate needs to manually configure the projects structure according to it's intended layout.

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    • The Todoist app is ruthlessly efficient in helping me capture my tasks no matter when or where I am. Bring collaborators into a project, or a task is a snap. When I'm creating a recurring task, and hopefully a positive habit, or when I am reflecting on my productivity, Todoist works.

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    Google Keep

    Save your thoughts, wherever you are

    James Welch
    James Welch5CEO @ Β· Written
    Easily Google Keep - voice notes when driving are brilliant as well as many other features including drawing and tagging.
    Free, cross platform and does what it says
    iMartyDigital Inventor Β· Written
    Definitly my must have.
    • Eugene Zubak
      Eugene ZubakProduct Management Consultant

      There is no alternative for Google Keep which is very dissapointing in terms of app having bunch of minor and one major bug which makes it useless. Any note taking app could make "sticky notes" view and I would switch happily from Keep which is forgotten and abandoned by its developers

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    A smart to-do app, now with folders, quick add and more

    Ayrton De Craene
    Ayrton De Craene18Code @ Clearbit Β· Written
    Been using Wunderlist for so long now, I have used it on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, ... It just works, and for personal basic use free too. Truth is, it is so awesome I never even bothered to try out any other platforms.
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    Kate53Head of Social @ GitHub Β· Written
    I've been using Wunderlist for over 4 years now and it's the best. Syncs flawlessly across devices, has just the right amount of features (reminders, ability to share / create collaborative lists, etc), and just frickin WORKS. I've tried a few others, including making checklists in my #1 note-taking love, Evernote, but Wunderlist is the best option that I've found.
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    Marcus Vlahovic
    Marcus VlahovicCo-founder & CEO, Sustainabody Β· Written
    I swapped from Todoist to Wunderlist recently - Wunderlist helps me get more done. It doesn't feel as stressful compared to Todoist - maybe the colors?
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    Organize anything, together

    Jack Dweck
    Jack Dweck20Product Manager at Unroll.Me Β· Written
    Trello is excellent for to-do list collaboration
    Bart Diks
    Bart DiksR&D 4 3Dynamisch, way 2 busy these days Β· Written
    Can't live without it
    • Nick Allen
      Nick AllenHead of Marketing at FileInvite | Kiwi

      Brilliant for managing all your project backlogs in a Kanban fashion. Including a list for the DIY tasks around the house.

      As a Marketer I use this daily to manage workflow, sort ideas around future content and prioritize my activities. My team collaborate and report using handy integrations with Google and we use it as a Customer service and Sales script repository to store links to docs and how-to videos.

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    • Johnathan Holland
      Johnathan HollandI truly obsess over helping others..

      If you aren't an organized person Trello allows for easy to see visuals that help keep projects on track. The team at Curexe has specifically used it to organize our bugs, new features, staging and production stages of our development.

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    A simple and effective to-do list and task manager

    Ilya Azovtsev πŸ’Œ+πŸ€–=πŸš€
    Ilya Azovtsev πŸ’Œ+πŸ€–=πŸš€5Help sales team close more in less time Β· Written
    I like this, it's really simple :) But it can't solve huge goals, it's just for daily tasks to not forget :)
    Francesco D'Alessio
    Francesco D'Alessio3Productivity App Reviewer Β· Written
    Notable mention. A real competitor in the space!
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    Things 3.0

    Complete revamp of the original, award-winning task manager

    Lachlan Campbell
    Lachlan Campbell11Hack Club design/JSβ€”HS πŸŽ“β€”they/themβ€”πŸŒˆ Β· Written
    Things is expensive, but totally worth it. Use it every day on my Watch, iPhone, and iPad and it's the best I've found. Its system of Inbox + Today, Upcoming, Anytime, and Someday make it easy to focus just on what's relevant now or what's coming up. And the design is just amazing.
    Francesco D'Alessio
    Francesco D'Alessio3Productivity App Reviewer Β· Written
    The most beautiful to-do list application, design wise.
    • Chad Whitaker
      Chad WhitakerProduct Designer at AngelList ✌️

      I've been a Things user since 2007. Within the last couple of years Things 2.0 started to feel stale, and I found myself exploring other alternatives. Yet I could never end up replacing it.

      Thankfully, Things 3.0 comes out of nowhere with a completely redesigned experience that is fast, beautiful and it allows you to do everything with speed β€” the perfect recipe for a todo app.

      This app feels like it belongs on iOS 11 even though it was launched weeks before the iOS 11 beta was announced. It's that good!

      You still can't share tasks with others, but the great experience easily out weights that need.

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    • Dan Duett
      Dan DuettProduct Manager, Stitch Labs

      I've used Things since 2010. It's the app I couldn't live without. To use it well, familiarize yourself with David Allen's "Getting Things Done" methodology.

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    The notes app for creative work

    John Pooley made this product
    Typical to-do lists are rigid and inflexible. Milanote lets you add or remove structure, attach images and other media, and share progress with your team. No iOS or Android native apps yet, but cross-platform support through web browser.
    • Sandra Niehues Guerra
      Sandra Niehues GuerraCo-Founder, PlanHappyAdvertising

      I'm a non-technical co-founder of an app to help small business plan and track all their advertising. I wear a lot of hats. I'm also a visual thinker.

      I need to spread things out and see how they all fit together. I need to be able to see the big picture and then dive into the details and I need to be able to do that fluidly and frequently on a variety of subjects. I really wanted to be able to use my entire screen real estate for this purpose.

      I remembered seeing Milanote on Product Hunt when it was an idea and not yet available. I signed up for it and happily paid for the upgrade. It's the perfect app for me and I use it every day.

      The feature I like best is being able to upload links for the content I curate. When I'm ready to learn about a subject, I have great content to choose from and a place to write down my thoughts. I can add images and notes and go from subject to subject. I can clear out my email fast and that is worth the money alone.

      I would suggest you try Milanote because it can make your life so much easier.

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    • Johny vino
      Johny vinoHumanizing User Experience

      Love it in one day use, it give me everything. I m a designer i usually take lot of inspiration it helps me to put together all the inspiration and setup a mood board

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  9. Jeremy Bauer
    Jeremy BauerWriter + Arts Instructional Designer Β· Written
    I've been looking for a good to-do list app for a while. I've tried Todoist, Wunderlist,, and Swipes, but none of them had quite what I was looking for (Swipes was the closest). I wanted a tool that was quick, had a nice UI, and was free. I recently switched from Swipes to WeDo, and I'm really liking it so far. The UI is polished and uncluttered, and has a lot of features for free, like attachments and group lists. I just use it personally, though, and it's hitting all of my requirements.
    WeDo is simple and straightforward, it helps me to spend less time in the to-do list and getting more done :) Really clean UI, no distractions, no stress.
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    Tasks management for productivity junkies

    Brandon Bayer
    Brandon BayerMaking, Indie Hacker Β· Written
    Super powerful AND simple! No-nonsense UI. Extremely flexible so you can organize your tasks anyway you like. It's been my favorite for a year now!
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    A web app for structuring your thoughts into lists

    Nitin Labhishetty
    Nitin LabhishettySDE 2, CodeNation Β· Written
    Super easy to use and very effective for managing large number of notes and to-do's. Has tags, hyperlinks and dates for easily tracking data across lists.
    Super easy to use and very effective for managing large number of notes and to-do's. Has tags, hyperlinks and dates for easily tracking data across lists.
  12. 6 3.0

    Organize all aspects of your life with

    Roy Granit
    Roy GranitCo-Founder at Β· Written
    Great cross platform app with an AI assistant
  13. 4

    The task management tool, completely redesigned

    Great to-do list, available in Kanban view as well. It is free for few users and projects.
    • Rita Viana
      Rita VianaGraphic Designer

      I recommend Asana to everyone who is trying to get a more organized life.

      It's good to everything, it's free (until 15 members) and you can choose from 2 different styles: list or board. You can create unlimited projects, you can share tasks between projects with a click, there are chat boxes in every task, it's user friendly and their help forum is ultra helpful even if you never payed a penny to them.

      I can't live without Asana. Just the most amazing thing ever.

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    • Veronika
      VeronikaInbound Marketing Manager

      I've used a few project management tools in the past and Asana is the only one that makes me genuinely happy and more productive (at work and with my side hustles).

      I can't recommend this tool enough for its ease of use, features and user experience. As a cherry on top, Asana's vision to help teams collaborate and do their best work is one that I can personally identify with!

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    Omnifocus 2 for Mac

    Put your life in perspective and get things done

    Put your life in perspective and get things done.
  15. 3
    Microsoft To-Do

    An intelligent task management app

    Though still very rudimentary, I find this tool to be very easy to use. It still lacks many features, but its simplicity is what makes it so enjoyable to use. That and the fact that is is free, often upgrades, and easily synchronized across all machines.
    • Kevin Reevers
      Kevin ReeversSoftware Developer

      This will eventually replace Wunderlist, however a year in, the improvements are just not there for me to have hope. It's AI baked daily recommendations could be nice, but again it needs to allow for more types of task listing.

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    • Deepshika Jehangir
      Deepshika JehangirPrivate consultant

      I have been using this app for about a year now and it has been quite effective in helping me manage my time. Although some other apps have a better user interface but this product is more comfortable to use, once you get use to it

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    Turn your to-do list into a real work plan

    Filipa Nascimento made this product
    Outplanr was designed to turn your to-do list into a clear work plan without effort. Keep projects on track and easily check how much time was spent on each task against your estimates.
  17. 3

    A free habit building app that treats your life like a game.

    GimmeEntrapyanewer, The Gimme App Β· Written
    Gamify your todo list! Love this one.
  18. 2

    Project management software for forward thinking creatives.

    Aaron Green made this product
    Complete TO DO's and track time simultaneously - too easy!
  19. 2
    Drag Free

    Transform your Gmail into organized task lists

    Nick Timms
    Nick TimmsDrag 2.0 is live today (16th April)! Β· Written
    Nick Timms made this product
    Drag's a little different from some of these To-Do apps. It helps organize your inbox (just like Trello, for Gmail).
    • I have used the Pro app for at least 2-3 months since it came out. Everyday I can empty my gmail inbox based on my projects and priorities, using different kanban boards. When I am using my 3rd party email clients DragApp leaves everything still sorted into different files so it is very helpful. Streamlined project management straight into email. Let me know when I can invest... keep up the good work.

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    • Fast and useful. Perfect.

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    Turn your entire life into a list.

    Max Yakin Bozek
    Max Yakin Bozek3Artist & Designer Β· Written
    This is my favourite. The one I have been using for so many years, and it is funny how WorkFlowy without much update still manages to be the best tool for to-dos and lists of any kind.
    • Pedro Paredes
      Pedro ParedesFullstack developer

      Usually my thoght process goes from general idea to multiple sub-ideas until I get to doable tasks. No other app that I've tried allows you to do this the way Workflowy does. They all let you group by tag, or notebooks or whatever but they are usually one level grups.

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    • Artem Ushanov
      Artem UshanovPM at Adeptik

      Best outline and note-taking app for me.

      Using WF for:

      - projects list

      - clients list

      - "inbox", "tasks" and "later" lists in kinda GTDish style

      - quick note taking during meetings and

      Using WF everyday for two years, happy with it's simple efficiency. No automation at all, but you can invent any kind of workflow using tags and search. Lately company significantly improved their Android app, but it still need more.

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