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What is the best app to curate news by a team and distribute to users?

We have a team of journalists that curate news from trusted sources and then manually compose emails to send to five people who need to know this information everyday. Is there an app to automate this?
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    Easily create an engaging, gorgeous, weekly digest

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund Β· Written
    I would have recommended Linkydink a tool for creating collaborate email lists that I used as the MVP for Product Hunt, but it's no longer around. Revue might be a good fit for you. They have a Chrome extension that makes it easy to "bookmark" articles and websites to include in each digest; however, someone still needs to finalize the newsletter and hit send.
    This is so cool. I wasn't expecting such a quick recommendation! Thank you Ryan, I'll try it out! :)
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    Startup Curated

    The best of the week for founders, in one minimal email

    Curated is another product with some additional features like sponsored content. If you ever want to monetize, go for this. Hiten (@hnshah) uses this for his Saas Weekly newsletter. Its a paid service though. You can play around and create your new letter but need to pay only when you decide to send the emails over to your subscribers.
    Hey Pravil, thank you for the recommendation. I'll try both options and see what works best for us. We're not looking to offer sponsored content, but I like the workflow of adding an item. Thanks!
    Awesome! Good luck Vanessa :)
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    Publicate 2.0

    Create powerful newsletters & weekly web roundups

    Chris Bradley
    Chris BradleyFounder & Product Managmenet Instructor Β· Written
    Chris Bradley made this product
    Hey Vanessa πŸ‘‹ I think Publicate could be a good fit for you if you are collecting content as a team from various sources. It integrates with services like Slack, Pocket, Feedly and RSS so all of the content can be aggregated into one library, and then you can just cherry pick content for your email. It also works with Gmail and Outlook, so you can send your newsletter with any email client you already use.