Vinit Agrawal
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What are some of best affiliate program software, which I can use in my SaaS product?

I am looking for a Software/SaaS Product, Free or Paid, which can help me setup the Affiliate system on my own SaaS product. This should assign an affiliate ID to each of users of my product, and will help in tracking any new users who gets converted because they came to us from one of our affiliates. This tracking is important to allocate the correct rewards for each referred conversion.
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    Get paid to recommend products you love

    Using it for referral program but it might be good for also affiliate, it's easy-to-use and work with, share creatives, and track performance
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    Taylor Barr
    Taylor BarrFounder, The Up Foundry · Written
    -Built for SaaS -Tons of integrations -Pricing is better than many of the competitors out there. -Can create multiple programs (referral, VAR, agency, etc.) under one account with no extra charges. -Team is awesome and support is quick and nice.
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    KickRef for KickEX

    B2C version of a 10-level referral program with many perks

    OliverExperienced online entrepreneur · Written
    I know of KickRef for KickEX that is both a B2B and B2B SaaS solution. It has only recently been launched and I believe is customizable in any way to suit your software product. I would contact their team. Hope it helps!