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What is the best manufacturer of merchandise like t-shirts, cups, or caps?

I am thinking the go-to online service for merchandise. If I had said stickers you would have said "Sticker Mule", right? P.S. Needs to have International shipping
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    We print, pack and ship your custom merch on demand

    Bhavesh Patel ✌️CEO/Founder, Enigma8 · Written
    If you're just starting off and looking to minimize your up-front costs, take a look into Prinful. They handle all manufacturing and packing/processing. The margins aren't as great but it's always nice to keep those up-front costs low as possible. I'm looking to actually starting a t-shirt company soon and I am going the Printful route. Once I have a following and can afford bulk ordering, I'll go that way (haven't sourced the manufacturer yet)