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    Paste 2

    Smart cloud clipboard history and snippets manager for Mac

    I use Paste (like you mentioned). I'm obsessed with it. I used Flycut before. Nothing I've tried compares to Paste though.
    • Shea Lignitz
      Shea LignitzWriter & Web Designer

      Really relieves the headache of going back and forth between tabs and windows copying and pasting one thing at a time. Copy images, plain text, links, etc. You can even tell it what kinds of things you don't want copied (e.g., passwords, etc.).

    • A good improvement would be made by adding a little quick response like changing the shape of the mouse or something else nearby. That would tell me clearly whether I have just copied something or not. The sound of copy acts very unreliable, and annoying when I listen to some music or working in a quiet place. It's a stupid design which fails.

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    A full featured clipboard manager

    I'm a Copied fan. It's a no-fuss app that gets the job done. You can sort your clips into different categories, and the app provides two kinds of extensions you can use on iOS.
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    Alfred Remote

    Supercharged remote control for your Mac (iOS)

    I'm a huge fan of Alfred, I use it all the time. It's super customizable and you can pretty much get it to do whatever you want.