Simeon Kim Duke
Simeon Kim DukeProduct/Service Designer

What are the best Start-up/Growth-Hacking/Design/Collab tools available to use in China?

So I've been working and living in Shanghai for about 6 years now. Regarding design, collaboration or any of the awesome tools based overseas, it get's pretty frustrating to always use a VPN to access those tools (SLOW). I've only found one China-based team collab tool called, Teambition (not many needed integrations). . . Aaannd that's about it. So anyone else here that have hunted down something of use? -Thanks! Keep'on Hunting!
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  1. 陈维娜
    陈维娜I'm a product designer.Hiyo! · Written
    Hello there,i highly recommand Polar ,it's simple and fast,the usage kind like slack, try it out see if you like it.
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