Howie Young
Howie YoungFounder, tico

What's your solution to avoid FOMO?

Now lots of people have fomo(fear of missing out) situation, what's the answer to fix it ?
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    Nuzzel 2.0

    Discover top news stories & feeds from your friends

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan Hoover83Founder, Product Hunt Β· Written
    Nuzzel is a great tool for curating the firehose from your Twitter feed.
  2. 19
    Headspace 2.0

    Meditation made simple in just 10 minutes a day

    Bas Grasmayer
    Bas GrasmayerMUSIC x TECH x FUTURE Β· Written
    The only answer to fix it is acceptance and freeing yourself from the fear. :-)
    MickFounder of SongBox.Rocks Β· Written
    Live your own life and stop worrying about what other people are doing.
    • Brona Molnarova
      Brona Molnarovait's only impossible until it's done

      This is the first and only app I pay for :D Sometimes it can feel like a chore to do stuff that is good for you and this app takes that away for me. I teaches you gently and pleasantly and Ive been able to stick to it and understand more about how minds work. It helped me stop biting my nails.

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    • Mayank Sharma
      Mayank SharmaTechnical Architect @

      Great product to get focus in a world of noise

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    A new way to explore hundreds of cities on foot. It's free!

    Jenny Drezin
    Jenny DrezinCo-Founder, Sidekix Β· Written
    Jenny Drezin made this product
    Helps you avoid FOMO when you travel so you won't miss our on cool things around you when exploring around town.
    • Chedva Kleinhandler
      Chedva KleinhandlerFounder and CEO, Lean On

      As someone who traveles a lot but has very limited time to explore, Sidekix helps me experience the cities I visit according to my (very specific) intesrests and dietary restrictions

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    • Tal Gross
      Tal GrossFounder, Stealth Startup

      Overall a great way to quickly get your bearing in a new place.

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  4. This app helps you stay off social media so you can avoid distraction and FOMO :)
  5. Gaurav Agrawal
    Gaurav Agrawal18Coder, Thinker, Curious observer Β· Written
    Some meditation also !!
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    Kill News Feed

    Kill your Facebook news feed

    Michael Deng
    Michael DengSoftware Developer Β· Written
    Out of sight, out of mind 😊
  7. Opeyemi Obembe made this product
    See articles from your Twitter friends
  8. 1

    Find, join and create activities near you.

    Yonas Alizadeh
    Yonas AlizadehFounder & CEO at Hellow Β· Written
    Yonas Alizadeh made this product
    Stop being on Social Medias, go out and meet people. :D
  9. 3

    Meet fun people based on activities & discover events!

    Sama Jashnani
    Sama JashnaniCo-Founder, DownToDash Β· Written
    Sama Jashnani made this product
    Avoid FOMO by spending less time on social media and actually meeting new people based on what you love doing! and discover what people are doing before it actually happens
    Love this app
    anna.leeTech enthusiast Β· Written
    I use this app to meet new people and avoid feeling fomo