Edmund Cinco
Edmund Cinco🔗 API / 🤖 Chatbot Developer

What's the best for backend Node or PHP?

I'm working on a Bot-building platform.
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    Building APIs with Node.js

    Build scalable APIs in Node.js platform

    Dre Durr💡
    Dre Durr💡Growth is the only thing that matters · Written
    This is a preference question. Both are awesome depending on the user. I am getting my hands dirty with Node now. It is pretty cool what you can do with it. Also most tech unicorns are moving to Node as we speak. Here is a list to check out the companies that are using it now.
  2. If you are building bots, the best choice for you is Node. It better for async work and a lof of the bot building tools have support for Node. Even more, there are libraries for building bots built for Node