What are some of the best IP Geolocation APIs?

Hey, guys! I’m looking for an accurate IP geolocation API to locate my website visitors. Any specific providers that you could recommend?
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    Abstract APIs

    Simple, powerful APIs for everyday dev tasks

    Eric Paul G.B.Maker since 2014 :) · Edited
    Eric Paul G.B. made this product
    I would recommend Abstract. It has the largest data set of IPs in the world with over 1bn located IPs in all countries. In addition to this, Abstract is certainly the most easy-to-use and fast-to-integrate API thanks to its extensive developer community. Finally the free plan comes with tens of thousands of calls per month for any developer
    Been using this for a month and heavily recommending it. Good job Abstract!
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    Next Generation IP Geolocation
    Deep SherchanProduct Marketing @BigDataCloud · Written
    BigDataCloud is the first to use a fully scientific IP Geolocation method. As a result, it's API can provide results in sub-millisecond with very high accuracy compared to other services. Further, in addition to providing the location based on IP, it also provides rich data sets like confidence area and locality information. In addition to IP Geolocation, BigDataCloud also has other suits of APIs like reverse geocoding, phone/email validation, and other various APIs that can be super useful for network engineers. Also, you can download one of their free mobile app that demonstrates the rich data sets which you can access using the APIs.