Daniel Noskin
Daniel NoskinInVision, previously Parallel, Dropbox

What are some popular alternatives to LaunchKit (acquired by Google)?

Loved the tools they built to help developers! I want to know if there are other companies focused on the problems they were solving.
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  1. Hard to find something as good as LaunchKit, but Appure is solid and affordable.
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    AppFollow 2.0

    The best way to track app activities in the appstores

    Evgeny Kruglov
    Evgeny KruglovCo-founder in AppFollow · Written
    Evgeny Kruglov made this product
    Slack updates for both App Store & Google Play. And tons of other features.
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    AppLaunchpad 2.0

    Create App Store images with new templates, devices + iPad📱🎉

    Kamal Kant Kosariya made this product
    Screenshot builder for App Store & Google Play. Lots of additional features than Launchkit.
    • In general, the site is pretty slow (takes long to upload screenshots). Furthermore, it has many usability issues, that make working with the tool very tedious. You can for example only upload 5 screenshots per project which is not enough if you support different languages or simply want to make more than 5. Another missing feature is the possibility to copy the styles for the next screenshot. At the moment, you cannot even upload a screenshot which makes the tool completely unusable. In other words, you pay for a tool that you cannot use because the most important function is buggy.