What app can search my entire pdf library?

I have several guides, resources, and e-books all in pdf format. I'd like to be able to do a topical or keyword search through them all.
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    Document 365
    Anthony AndersonI am UI/UX designer · Written
    I beleive Document 365 might be a good solution for you - it's a suite of several apps that are all meant for working with PDFs - the software comes with a PDF reader and plenty of other tools to elevate how you handle your documents, and it's also multi-device and mutli-platform, so you're able to work on the go and wherever you are. Also, searching through your entire PDF library is possible as well. Basically, this software is a solid solution for viewing, editing and sharing your PDFs, whether you're an individual or part of a company. I use it for editing, annotating/highlighting and using the OCR for digitzing my paper documents. Can't recommend it enough
    Philippa McCarthyDesigner living in Copenhagen, Denmark · Written
    I use Document 365 for searching for something in particular throughout my entire PDF library - I'm able to do it across all my devices so the convinience factor is quite big. Recommend it to both individuals and businesses.
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    Algolia - Hosted Search API

    Building blocks for creating great search

    Liam BoogarVP Marketing @ Scaleway · Written
    Liam Boogar made this product
    Here's a quick tutorial for how to make PDFs searchable using Algolia --> https://stories.algolia.com/inde...
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    Site Search by Expertrec

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    Abhinav SidharthanProduct Manager at ExpertRec · Written
    So, if you have your PDFs hosted on a network, then ExpertRec is worth a try. It is a crawler based solution so it doesn't need any additional setup. The crawler has the capability to access private networks also, if given access. If you are having scanned PDFs then it will take some customization but I believe they do that as well. It comes with a trial period so why don't you give it a try?!