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  1. Bose is pretty much unrivaled when it come to active noise cancelling and when wearing the wireless quiet comforts 35sit kinda feels like you're in a bubble. Active noise cancelling might not be your best best for music though since it's made for continuous repeating sounds. If you're looking to block music specifically a pair of noise isolating in-ears might be better
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  2. Taimoor HussainDigital Marketing Strategist · Written
    These are great headsets that cancel out outside noises and let you listen to music and do your work in peace
  3. The Bose QC35 are quite good (I own a pair). However, the active noise-cancelling (ANC) tech in these Sony's is actually much better.
  4. Yeltsin SealCEO, HospedeSimples · Written
    Not only because is made by Sennheiser, but is Bluetooth and 30+ hours battery.
    Definitely the best sound quality of any Bluetooth headset.
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    Wireless earphones with 8 hour charge

    Beats X are in-ear earbuds that do a reasonably good job of blocking out most of the ambient noise in the environment. I stayed away from Beats products because of their reputation for bad sound quality. That is until I started seeing positive reviews from reviewers who had previously bashed the brand. I picked up a pair on sale back in April and have had no regrets. I like that they're comfortable to wear for long periods of time, which is something I can't usually do for longer than an hour regardless of brand and type (headphone or earbud). The 8 hour battery life is decent, but I do wish it was 12 hours and had water resistance like the Power Beats 3. To make up for the battery life, there's "fast fueling" where it gains 2 hours of battery in just a 5 min charge.