What are the best CRM/customer relationship manager tools on the market?

For a growing startup that can't afford a product like Salesforce, mostly used to manage B2B relationships, storing partner information- basic relationship management
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    A CRM with built-in calling, SMS, and email

    Nick PersicoHead of Growth at Close.io · Written
    DISCLAIMER: I work at Close.io. But I've been using it every day for the last > 5 years. It's the only CRM I know of that allows you to email, call, SMS, or update information on a lead from a single window. No additional integrations or add-ons. It just works.
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    PipeDrive CRM

    Effortless pipeline management.

    Graham Campbell4🚀 new ventures, faster · Written
    Very helpful for visualizing your sales funnel & offers a pretty darn robust filtering functionality when you are screening leads against your ideal customer profile
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    The post-PC CRM

    Graham Campbell4🚀 new ventures, faster · Written
    Base offers a functionality that allows one to quickly craft personalized emails (in bulk) from contact data in one's CRM. (eg. "Hey [first_name], Would love to connect to chat about how {your product} can help [company_name] address {problem you solve}... )
    Justin Mitchell9Launching a VR design tool at VRooms.tv · Written
    Base is awesome. Awesome UI and perfect for a growing startup
  4. Graham Campbell4🚀 new ventures, faster · Written
    Works within Gmail, which proves super nifty. Also, it's free to start.
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    HubSpot CRM

    Organize, track, and sell

    Ilya Azovtsev4Help sales team close more in less time · Written
    Deep connection with marketing tools + ability to send and track emails from CRM. Honestly, I guess that Pipedrive is more user-friendly. But it worth to spend some time to learn Hubspot.
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    Freshsales CRM

    A full-fledged CRM for high-velocity sales teams.

    Tejas Kinger20SaaS Product Marketing @ Freshworks Inc · Written
    Free for small teams, comes packed with features, including integrated phone, email, lead scoring and event tracking. Moreover, you'll be backed by the best support team in the business. I'd suggest giving Freshsales a spin.
  7. Enterprising Josh made this product
    Bitrix24 is probably the most full featured free CRM. Has 90% of Salesforce features, without the bill - https://www.bitrix24.com/feature...
  8. Vidya VellalaFounder CEO Faasthelp · Written
    Vidya Vellala made this product
    This is a customer support or issue management tool along with Knowledge base and integrated chat.
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    Pipedrive Gold Plan

    Sales CRM plan that eliminates time consuming admin

    Sheejo GeorgeBusiness Development Manager @ AeroLeads · Written
    Hi Ankur, I am part of AeroLeads a bootstrap startup and we have been using Pipedrive for 2 years. Pipederive is a great solution to the sales force for small & medium companies. It gives a great overview of leads. One can manage all potential customers on one screen, in a visual and practical way, without missing deadlines or be getting confused at what was said