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What is the best cryptocurrency exchange to use, alternative to Coinbase?

Coinbase is having issues right now verifying payment account details... there is also a fairly large number of negative reviews floating around recently around Coinbase and users having issues. With the recent Crypto-boom, what is the best alternative?
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    Forex meets bitcoin exchange

    CoinBase's GDAX and Kraken (disclaimer: investor) are my two go-tos. I know and trust the teams at both, but regardless, don't leave currency at an exchange. They are giant honeypots for hackers.
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    Justin MitchellFounder & CEO @ Yac · Written
    I've got an account with Kraken and really like their UI & overall stability. Lots of altcoins to be purchased here as well.
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    The largest and most advanced crypto-currency exchange

    Sushant ShekharFounder @ TalkyJobs · Written
    It has so many crypto currencies and beautiful looking trading UI!
  3. Nick AbouzeidMarketing @ MainStreet · Written
    Bitstamp offers UK support - been around for a while, and you can fund it with a credit card.
  4. Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    I've used a bunch of these and have come to like Bittrex the most. At first, the UI isn't as user friendly as some others but they have a huge variety of coins, I haven't had any experiences with it going down it times of heavy traffic (cough Poloniex cough), and trades are executed quickly.
    Roman StormSoftware Engineer · Written
    Cryptocurrency exchange with variety of coins.
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    The largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world

    On this exchange: . The currency are moving fast: which is good for very short term transactions. . High trading volumes . US based company . Very cheap fees . Good UI & tools You can live view the exchange without login here: However, as of today (may 2017) the website is facing regular slowdown; Caused by an incredible growth rate of new users and the cash that those new users inject. The massive signups is the logical consequence of the bitcoin raising beyond $1500, today at $2200, + all the others cryptocurrency: ETH, ETC, XRP.. "going to the moon" as traders says, hitting x50 their values in a few days. But that's still the one I use, And happy with it =)
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    A next generation Bitcoin exchange

    Derek ShanahanVP Growth @ Exer · Written
    First of all, smart to use more than one exchange to diversify risk. Gemini, though limiting your deposit amount, lets you trade it before settlement so you can buy right away.
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    Buy Bitcoin instantly. iOS & Android.

    Edouard Steegmann made this product
    - Buy Bitcoin instantly with Apple Pay/Google Pay, debit & credit card - Connect all your exchanges & wallets - Follow the market & news
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    Buy bitcoin anonymously at thousands of locations in the US

    Nick AbouzeidMarketing @ MainStreet · Written
    LibertyX works wonderfully in the US - pay with cash at one of their thousands of locations, and have bitcoin deposited immediately to your wallet.
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    Xapo Card

    Bitcoin debit card

    Justin MitchellFounder & CEO @ Yac · Written
    Realized I never recommended Xapo before. Really gorgeously designed Bitcoin app and site. Also, they have a debit card....very cool.
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  10. Not the typical crypto exchange, good for fiat currencies as well.
  11. I bought some ethereum when the price was under 100 euro. Great service and security, the payment came fast.
    Really easy to use. Can fund your account with your credit card and can also transfer fund back into your credit card from your account.
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  13. Raoul ValstarFounder take care · Written
    Great UI design and different crypto currencies. Desktop only.
  14. Herman SchutteWorking on StackPile and SnapWidget · Written
    Options for buying, selling, storing and trading Bitcoin is pretty limited in South Africa. Luno (previously Bitx) is one exchange I've used a couple of times and been very happy with.
  15. Caleb SylvestPartner & Experience Designer · Written
    Used Coin Space for a bit. It's very simple and straightforward. Works well on mobile devices.
  16. Tom FlemmingPlayer One. Experience Strategy. · Written
    Wallet, Analytics, Instant Payments and Trade.
  17. Nicolas MauboisSocial Media Manager · Edited
    Trade cryptocurrencies + forex. Great apps (iOS and Android). Social & Copy Trading.
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    Tiara MuellerCrypto Currency Exchanges · Written
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  19. is a good option for you. Their fees are as fair as they get and their registration process is swift and secure. They also offer Fast-track verification, which is great, as other cryptocurrency platforms can take weeks to verify your identity and let you buy/ trade.
  20. This is a great cryptocurrency exchange platform. Delta Exchange offers more than 15 altcoins for exchange which is much more greater than any of its competitor like Kraken bitmax or coin base.