Brittany FullerCo-founder & CEO at Notably

Should we move our knowledge base to Intercom's Educate product?

Anyone using it yet? What do you like or dislike about it? Can you share a link or an example here? We're part of their new pricing program for startups so it's included in what we pay already for the next ~6 months - 1 year. We're currently using a custom Wordpress page and posts for articles and TBH it's not ideal. This was actually something at one point we considered building ourselves. We LOVE using Intercom's other products, but their pricing can be intense when you're addicted to their product (like us!) and growing (like us!) It seems like a sticky move so appreciate knowing if you think it's worth it.
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    Intercom Educate

    What a knowledge base should be–personal and intelligent

    Jake CrumpHead of Product Ops at Product Hunt · Written
    Product Hunt has actually just started using Intercom Educate for our help center. The UI is very easy to navigate through, and it took very little time to get the articles set up. It's also really nice if you're using their other products, because you can drop an article into a conversation. It makes it super easy to get people the information they're looking for. It's also got great analytics for the help center in general, down to specific articles. For a data nerd like me, it's awesome! I'd absolutely say it's worth it. We've already gotten excellent feedback as a result of using it, and we've been able to improve our articles and better answer users' questions. If you'd like to see an example, you can check out ours here:
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    Contextual based support

    Personally I would recommend using Elevio instead. I didnt like the lack of customization with the helpdesk within IC, for exmp not being able to remove the automated "check out the helpdesk" message when a reply hasnt been sent. I think IC is great for the live chat, but it looks like Elevio (havent yet used it) is an incredible add-on bonus.
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    Crisp Knowledge
    Leo BassamFounder, CEO at · Written
    We use Crisp for our help centre, it is absolutely amazing! 1- Intuitive dashboard allowing us to easily manage our articles. 2- Seemingly connected to the live-chat, which makes support 10times easier.