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    Good Email Copy

    Email copy from great companies.

    For when you inevitably build up an email list, here's a great directory of email copy from companies like Slack, Pinterest, and Trello.
    Ana Santos
    Ana SantosStarting from scratch · Written
    Yes, I've recently used it and it's good.
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    Breezy HR

    Trello for Recruiting. Start your free trial today

    Jessica Treeman
    Jessica TreemanHR, design, fashion with a dash of geek · Written
    Great products & companies are built with great teams. Breezy makes it easy to attract and hire them. What's even better? You can use it for free. Breezy is the only hiring tool available with a completely free subscription tier. #startuplife PS: If you love Trello, you're going to fall deeply in love with Breezy. https://breezy.hr/ You'll ❤️ it.
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    All-in-one web design platform

    Sidney Ottelohe
    Sidney OtteloheFreelance product designer & strategist · Edited
    Amazing tool if you need high-fi prototypes, marketing sites, mvp's! We used Webflow to build and launch our MVP - from scratch - in just three weeks and got voted #1 on PH last month (after Elon Musk's Boring Company). If you wanna read more about it: https://medium.com/spreadshare/h...
    Sameer Sontakey
    Sameer SontakeyCEO / Founder at Biostrap · Written
    One of my favorite site builders!
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    Simple, responsive, one-page sites for pretty much anything.

    Hari Mahesh
    Hari Maheshpartner operations, emergence capital · Written
    Quick, cheap way to create a simple landing pages for your (multiple) startups. Only $20 a year for 10 sites.
    Sameer Sontakey
    Sameer SontakeyCEO / Founder at Biostrap · Written
    The best way to validate is building a landing page to collect emails. Maybe drive some traffic to your site and see how people convert.
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    Prototyping and collaboration for design teams

    It´s a great tool to prototype an validate your products
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    All-in-one email design platform

    YuriyMarketing Manager @ Ardas · Written
    Easy-to-use email builder with designed email templates to save time on routine with rich exporting opportunities to top ESPs
    Ivan Burban
    Ivan BurbanCMO at Saldo Apps · Written
    Ivan Burban made this product
    For launch with email marketing, I recommend our Drag-n-Drop email template builder. We have Free plan for Startups ;)
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    Drip by Kickstarter

    A new way to back creators. A Patreon competitor.

    Lindsay Windham
    Lindsay WindhamDesigner | Co-Founder, Distil Union · Written
    @jaredsilver if your startup is bringing a new hardgood to the market, Kickstarter is a great way to test market demand (validate) and *hopefully* launch. The whole exercise makes you finely tune your messaging, and your numbers.
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    A fast, easy, collaborative hiring tool

    Beth Hudson
    Beth HudsonSocial Media Marketer, Recruitee · Written
    Beth Hudson made this product
    Startups are all about building a great team of people. Sure, you can have an innovative product, but do you have the right people to get it going? Recruitee is an ATS (Applicant Tracking System) that is affordable and allows for collaborative hiring. This way, you can find the minds that mesh best with your startup's ultimate goals and values.
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    Brick By Brick

    A free guide to building awesome communities

    Once you have some emails, Brick By Brick offers some great ways to build a community of active, loyal users for your product (and inevitable Product Hunt launch!).
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    Everyone's stories, now w/ an inline editor, tags & stream

    Kunal Bhatia
    Kunal Bhatiadesign @mercury · Written
    It isn't a startup without​ a Medium article! All kidding aside, Medium let's your biggest fans get the inside scoop and a better understanding of what you're trying to do with your startup. I highly recommend having a presence there, if not starting a publication to curate all the articles related to your company.
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    Startup Stash

    A curated directory of 400 resources & tools for startups

    Arshad Zaidi
    Arshad ZaidiUSA Vape products Wholesale · Written
    A curated directory of resources & tools to help you build your Startup
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    Business Model Generation

    Design and visualise your business model

    Jim Semick
    Jim SemickFounder, ProductPlan · Written
    I've used the business model canvas (and canvases like it) for years as part of validating new products and businesses, including my current business. It's a great way to work through the high risk portions of a business model. It's easy to use (I like to print it out in large format and then use sticky notes for discussion).
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    Turn your entire life into a list.

    Keeps you organized with all your startup tasks.
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    See how visitors are using your site and get visual feedback

    Ana Santos
    Ana SantosStarting from scratch · Written
    It allows you to record a fair amount of interactions with your site for free. Super important to see where visitors are looking at, how do they navigate and click from page to page.