Mick de MeijerBuilder @ Framafoto.com

What is your favorite photography app and because of what feature?

There are so many competing photography apps out there, it's hard to get to an honest top 5.
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    VSCO Cam

    The standard in mobile photography

    VSCO has been my app of choice on iOS since it first launched. I use it to apply filters and some simple adjustments before posting it to Instagram and Twitter.
  2. 1
    Instagram 6.0

    New tools to adjust brightness, contrast, saturation, warmth

    Since I'm one of the few who isn't on Facebook, Instagram is my only way to stay connected with my friends to see and share.
  3. Karen AlsopDigital Photographic Artist · Written
    This Photoshop Plugin is fully featured, offers animation of stills like Plotagraph and Flixel but with extra effects. Works directly in Photoshop.