Pieter Walraven
Pieter WalravenFounder & Product @ Pie - pie.co

What's the best service to combine all my different chat apps in one place? 💬 🤔

Looking to streamline all convos across WhatsApp/Messenger/Skype/Telegram/LinkedIn/Slack/etc. Cope with this: https://xkcd.com/1810/
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    Messenger for WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook, Slack & Hipchat

    Franz is perfect for that, combines all those chat apps in a beautiful interface.
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    • Bridges to Italy
      Bridges to ItalyPrez, Bridges to Italy

      This is just the best app for your desktop, you can check all you social networks and email apps at once in a very functional way. Meaning, you can check but also use each app (post, reply, emails etc.) I just love this.

    • Robert Gonzalez
      Robert GonzalezA big old nerd

      This is supposed to be a chat relay. Why do I have to have a Franz account in order to use this application? I have enough accounts already. I'd love to try your tool out, but not if it requires me creating another online profile.

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    Do more with the services you love

    Vishnuᅟ ᅠ
    Vishnuᅟ ᅠEngineer,Developer,Traveller · Written
    Connect everything you use! - Gmail-Google Drive- facebook - twitter - instagram - Dropbox and more for free!
    • I've been using IFTTT since it came out ages ago, and it's one of the first things I install on any new phone. I use it as the connective tissue for all my smart home products and apps. You can do amazing things with it.

    • Herr Wolf
      Herr WolfShow me the way to go home

      Support is non existent along with technical user information.

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    All-in-One Messenger

    Your messengers in one place. Easy and free Chrome app.

    João Santos
    João SantosGrowth Hacker @ Storyo · Written
    Easy to setup and load. You can use pretty much any chat app!
    • Avi
      AviFreelance Developer

      I can't say for sure since I just uninstalled Rambox but I feel it consumes significantly more battery power than using Rambox or Franz. My Chrome which runs at 10 energy impact value at idle was running at 71 with 2 slack windows opened in All-in-One Messenger.