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  1. Michal Hudeček made this product
    Great for creating quote images automatically from text of your tweet.
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    Saul Fleischman3RiteKit Founder & CEO · Written
    A tremendous time-saver, since it does URL-shortening with a call-to-action on the page when it opens, auto-hashtagging, and image extraction, to boot.
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    Easy to use and powerful
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    Postepic 2.0

    Capture quotes from books and turn them into images with OCR

    Take a pic of the passage you want to cite with your iPhone and turn it into something beautiful. ;)
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    Highly for iOS

    Medium-style highlighting in every app and website. 🖌

    Andrew Courter made this product
    Highly's the most efficient way to get people to see the good parts. Here's a collection of highlighter tools, too:
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    Save, share & discover text from your mobile

    Very similar to Postepic ( You decide! :)
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    Word Swag

    Add awesome text to your photos in seconds

    🅵🅴🅻🅸🆇Founder, Going Places · Written
    Super easy. Relatively inexpensive. Also, check out
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    Amazingly simple graphic design

    While not specifically for creating quotes, Canva makes and completing graphic design related task (like quotes) insanely easy. Plus it has a bunch of built in templates for all kinds of sizes depending on where you want to post the quotes.
  7. Kesava Mandiga15Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    Just started using this one... And it's a good tool to create visual quotes for social sharing. 👍
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    Pablo 2.0 by Buffer

    Create beautiful images to fit all social networks perfectly

    Stuart LoganCEO, Twine: hire quality freelancers · Written
    If you want it for social, use Pablo. Simple and effective.
  9. When I want to be heard on social media because it's not how many followers you have, but rather what kind of leader you are. This puts me front and center.
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    Add animation to your content easily.

    Eugine DychkoMarketing manager Depositphotos · Written
    There are 11000 free graphic templates to choose from, most of them will work for quotes I think. Also a good choice of free fonts.