Ayush Chandra
Ayush ChandraLaw Student|Tech Evangelist

What are some chatbots that can be easily integrated into Wordpress?

Hey there I'm looking for chatbots which can be used with Wordpress system ? Thanks 😊
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    Drift 2.0

    A scalable way to talk to your customers

    gizmodesignpresident, gizmo creative factory inc Β· Written
    Nice UI, customizable and WordPress-ready.
    • Stephen Courtney
      Stephen CourtneyDigital marketing blogger

      My colleague wrote a full article (https://buff.ly/2PM87TA) about Drift, Intercom and Crisp

      Drift is a great product, but it lacked a few features we wanted

      It also had some problems with loading

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    • Richard Daniel
      Richard DanielDashcam and autogadget CEO/expert

      I used it more than 2 months in and I do not recommend it. Why?

      - its slow. Tested via gtmetrix, here is 30-40% more make Ur site more slow

      - default setting for free plan. Here is no tell in description what on your website EVERYtime will be open dialog window for new visitors. And its not possible to disable it for free plan. Do you know how an open chat window infuriates visitors on the first visit? About 20% of the traffic you lose is simply due to this setting. And drift turned ON and default to all free customers.

      - support at free plan. First answer got immediately, next - 2 days, last - here is left 4 days and not answer.

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    Forms by Landbot

    The best conversational form builder πŸ–₯βš‘οΈπŸ’¬

    JuliΓ‘n Abad
    JuliΓ‘n AbadDigital Marketing & Innovation Β· Written
    I have used Landbot several time in WP sites. It works perfect and it is so easily to install.
    TalentHunter.AITalentHunter.AI Β· Written
    Such an amazing product and the team provides great support too. We've now completely removed all our old sign up forms in exchange for LandBot's Bots on our website.
    • Ismael Labrador
      Ismael LabradorCo-founder at Tuvalum

      It is a powerfull tool to nurture leads and filter customer support into a conversational environment. The new version has improve the custom templates to configure bots according to the target

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    • Evan McDaniel
      Evan McDanielDirector of Software Development

      Was starting to build a bot for our website using another tool, and was fortunate to come across Landbot before I got to far with it - this is exactly the purpose we were intending for our site. Can't wait to A/B test it on our live site.

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    Make Chatbots to replace your regular old webforms

    Ish Jindal
    Ish JindalFounder, Tars Β· Written
    Ish Jindal made this product
    You can directly integrate a Tars bot with your Wordpress site using the plugin or add the js code on your site. Here is how it works - http://help.hellotars.com/distri... Disclaimer - I am a co-founder at Tars :)
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    Live chat 2.0: Customer messaging that converts

    Jeremy Scott
    Jeremy ScottFounder, indemandly Β· Edited
    Jeremy Scott made this product
    It's free, quick to set up, and goes beyond just live chat with customizable call-to-action tiles that help convert web visitors. Here's the link to the Wordpress Plug-in - https://wordpress.org/plugins/in...
    • Whitney Kay
      Whitney KayAccounting nerd

      I’ve used indemandly for a few months now and it’s been pretty amazing watching how quickly they’ve rolled out new features and updates. Am finding the calendar integration to be particularly useful for locking in sales calls with new leads who reach out. Keep up the great work!

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    • Vivek Advani
      Vivek AdvaniMaker β€’ Musician β€’ Magician β€’ Meow

      I've been using indemandly for a couple of months now and they just don't cease to surprise me. This is undoubtedly the most effective tool out there. Your website without indemandly is like a marketing email without any CTA. From bookings to payments, to mailchimp to now zapier. They've given me more in a line of script than what I could ask for in a fullblown software! Hats off to their super productive team. Looking forward to all your success.

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  5. Don Macinnes
    Don MacinnesEmailOut.com Β· Written
    It's the best chat app I've come across + used by ProductHunt.
    Affif Siddique
    Affif SiddiqueStir Things Up! Β· Written
    I used it previously on our WP platform and it worked perfect. The only drawback I had at that time was I didn't have an option to turn it off for the mobile version.
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    Motion AI

    Easily build chatbots to do anything, on any platform!

    Bhushit Agarwal
    Bhushit AgarwalJob Huntr. Geek. http://bagarwal.me Β· Written
    You could use motion.ai to create the bot and then embed it into your wordpress post/page. They don't seem to have a plugin for it currently but people have discussed about it in their FAQ. http://docs.motion.ai/discuss/59...
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    Collect.chat - Chatbot for websites

    An interactive chatbot widget for your website

    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ James Brown
    πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ James BrownGrowth Hacker at Several Startups <3 Β· Written
    Check collect.chat, this bot is similar to drift pro for 500$/month, but it's free. I using this chatbot on 6 websites :)
    • Jordan Clifton
      Jordan CliftonProduct Lover

      I am very excited to see what this company develops in the future, I just wish they had a chat integration with freshdesk as well as trial access to the logical rules and other features.

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    • Moulik Jain
      Moulik JainCEO, DesignPitchDeck & 3MindsDigital

      I am using collect chat premium version for around 6 month. Really happy with tool.

      I just feel UX need to improve before it reach to mass audience.

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  8. Andrian Valeanu
    Andrian Valeanu4Web designer and indie makerπŸ’‘. πŸ‡²πŸ‡©<->πŸ‡ͺπŸ‡Έ Β· Written
    Andrian Valeanu made this product
    This product is a greate plugin if you need a chatbot during the maintenance mode. It will collect the users email for you. Very easy to use.
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    Commerce on and within social media - no redirects!

    nyha shree
    nyha shreeForbes Under30 | πŸ’ͺ🏽@jumper.ai Β· Written
    nyha shree made this product
    Can be integrated as a chat widget, or embedded inside an article. Also works with Woocommerce and other social media pages.
  10. Shadab Mahbub
    Shadab MahbubC.E.O, ChatLeads Β· Written
    You can sign up for a demo on how we could use it with Wordpress. Disclaimer: A founder at ChatLeads :)
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    Your personal chatbot factory

    Daria Zwierz
    Daria Zwierz10Online Community Enthusiast Β· Written
    Hey :) The BotEngine chatbot comes with a free chat widget. You can install it on your website and integrate with the bot.
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    Never miss another lead from your website

    Paul McKeever
    Paul McKeeverCEO @ Continually Β· Written
    Paul McKeever made this product
    We want to make it easy to reply to websites visitors automatically. You can install Continually with a Wordpress plugin and there's a drag and drop builder to set up automatic replies and conversation flows.
    • Woody
      Woodyfounder @ pilcro.com

      We've had Continually on our site for a few weeks now. It was super quick to set up. Links to my Google calendar and we've had some great discussions with potential parades for Pilcro as a result.

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    • Helps me to automate the booking of demos for prospects visiting my SaaS product's marketing website. Being able to check availability by integrating directly into Google Calendar saves a lot of back and forth over email with my prospects.

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    A new way of asking for feedback and helping your customers

    EvertPhD, Neuropsychologist, TQ Member Β· Written
    Free to use, ready within a few minutes, awesome UI, integrations with Slack and others.
    • Elvin I Huseynov
      Elvin I HuseynovI am king of my armchair

      At last guys from Netherlands made a revolutionary project that in future would be necessary for every single website and web application. Already enjoying it! Good luck!

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    • Matthias Behrends
      Matthias BehrendsEntrepreneur and Developer

      Great feel to everything - until you put it to the test. GUI is buggy and led to quite some loss of time in our case. Support is responsive, however, you spend a few hours fiddling around with basic issues like text fields losing formatting, the editor crashing - which cost us a whole day etc etc. Beautifully built, but it also has to WORK. We are paid clients so hope for improvement.

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    HubSpot Conversations

    Live chat, bots & team email -- free.

    Jeffrey Vocell
    Jeffrey VocellProduct Marketer Β· Written
    100% free live chat, bots, and team email that is connected right into HubSpot CRM so you can build relationships, and understand the context of every conversation.
    • Tarek Pertew
      Tarek Pertew🐦⚽ | Co-founder of Uncubed

      Hubspot is our CRM and it's been extremely useful. I'm very excited that they now have a customer chatbot to plug right into our CRM. I think this genuinely is going to help with our sales efforts.

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    • Carly Farlow
      Carly FarlowInbound Marketing Specialist

      The chat must begin with text, then the bot automatically begins with message. So I set up to say 'hello' from the chat, then bot asks the first question. But for a free chat, this is legit and I'm excited to see the leads come in!

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    ManyChat for Facebook Messenger

    Create a Messenger bot to engage your audience. No coding!

    FerminRP4Growth Hacker Β· Written
    Just use Facebook Messenger + Manychat for free :)
    • Alison T - sci
      Alison T - scicommunity manager

      I tried to deactivate ManyChat and although it says it's not on my business pages, my customers are STILL receiving messages. After contacting customer service and their messenger "bot" I still can't get anyone to write me back to help. I tried reaching out to the co-founder, so hopefully he can help. I'm very surprised I'm not seeing more posts of more unhappy customers.

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    Crisp 2.0

    All-in-one solution to communicate with your customers

    Crisp has built an incredible product regarding Live Chat. Especially for Wordpress. They offer a one-click integration thanks to their native wordpress plugin. Regarding Chatbot, they've built a feature that lets you install a chatbot on your website with no coding skills. You have 3 kinds of "blocs" that help you create your workflow : Event, Conditions and Action. Based on these 3 blocks, you can build great conversations with no human interactions.
    • Kunal Arora
      Kunal AroraThe misfit. The rebel. The troublemaker

      Do not use this app. If you want to cancel subscription there support and CEO will say CANCEL it but they don't have any option for cancellation. They simply suck money out of your wallet. DON'T USE THIS!

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    • Jordy van Gent
      Jordy van GentPerformance + Growth Marketing

      Used it with a small number of test uers so not sure how they perform with a high traffic site. But the onboarding and installation are easy.

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  17. Kelly Nguyen
    Kelly NguyenCustomer Success Β· Written
    You can use WordPress plugin, it is much cheaper and help you save big rather than a SAAS service.