Is there any Android app to group my notifications contextually?

If I purchase some product from Flipkart and pay through PayTM wallet. I'll get following things. - Push notification to my Flipkart app - Email from Flipkart regarding Invoice - SMS regarding the transaction by PayTM - SMS regarding the transaction from my Bank - Email from my bank regarding the transaction For a single transaction, I'm receiving 5 notifications. If there is an app which can group all the 5 notification as a single notification, It will be very helpful.
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    Notification Inbox
    I found this one really useful. It addresses some of your requirements.
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    Clean SMS

    Filters out spam SMS on your Android phone

    Bhushit AgarwalJob Huntr. Geek. · Written
    I think this is hard problem to solve as use cases and user preferences can vary a lot. But we can hack our way around I guess, one of the hack w.r.t. the your problem description can be, setting up a filter in gmail to mark flipkart invoices as read, using apps like clean sms with keywords from flipkart to mark them as read. I know its a pain to setup, but hey something for a cleaner notification panel! :D Let me know how you solve it, as I face the same problem daily too! :)
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    All your messages in one place (on Android)

    Alessio FancelloTech & Digital Strategist 🔥 · Written
    Not sure this is THE solution but you can group and manage your notifications with this app.