What's the best app for reading large PDF documents on iPhone?

Looking for something that can break pages into comfortable text on an iPhone screen.
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  1. Adrian WilsonDigital Content Media Specialist · Written
    I use Document 365 (by Kdan Mobile) for this particular task and more when I'm working with PDFs. This software allows you to browse, edit, annotate, split and merge your PDFs, all on your iPhone. I find it easy, intuitive and the monthly individual subscription is a good deal as well. There's also a Night Mode setting that reduces eye-strain and makes working in the dark easier. I also use the voice notes function quite a lot - it's very convinient when I'm occupied with something, but still want to take notes. Document 365 is basically the only software I use when I'm working with PDFs - so I went from having 3 apps to having just one that has all the necessary features that I need. Good software overall
    I do a lot of PDF viewing/editing on my iPhone with the PDF Reader app (Document365), and I honestly really enjoy using it. The app works well, doesn't glitch out and browsing/looking at large documents is quite easy. Two thumbs up.
  2. Bhushit AgarwalJob Huntr. Geek. http://bagarwal.me · Written
    I am so glad you asked this question and I didn't know that pdf-reading was so difficult on iOS. Found a product while trying to answer this question. Hope it helps you! :D
  3. 2
    PDF Expert 6

    Edit PDF text and images on iPhone and iPad.

    Aleksandra5Product Marketing · Written
    PDF Expert is super powerful, and allows me to edit text, add images, links, etc right from my iPhone.