What are good iOS app time-killers for a long flight?

I've got a long international flight coming up and I'm looking for good iOS Games/Apps/Activities to keep me occupied during the 13-hour flight.
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  1. Pavan Sethibuilding things. · Written
    Download a bunch of shows or movies on Netflix beforehand (don't forget to bring a portable charger or a charging wire if they have outlets in the plane).
  2. 9
    Monument Valley

    An MC Escher twist on puzzle games

    Ali R. TariqPrincipal Designer, Slalom Build · Written
    Clever, addictive, and aesthetically gorgeous platform game.
  3. 7

    One of my favorite board games on iOS

    Drew DelawareFractional Tech Leader · Written
    I strongly recommend the Carcassonne app - the best interpretation of an award-winning board game into an app. The toughest AI levels are heard to beat until you're really advanced - for me that took a year or more. I own a hundred or so board games - and this is one I never, ever get bored of. Great way to learn the game and then you'll love playing it in person! Runner Up: Splendor - also an award winning board game and beautifully rendered.
  4. RCTC is a port of Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 that was originally released on the PC back in the early 2000s. It's a theme park simulator where you build your own park with hired staff, food stalls, retail stalls, and custom rides. There are a number of game scenarios you can play, but even better there's a feature that let's you import game saves from RCT2. If this interests you, do a search for RCT repositories where people have uploaded custom scenarios and game saves.
  5. HRM is a delightful puzzle game where you use programming logic to automate tasks given to you by your boss. The programming language in the game is pretty simple and easy to understand, and you'll feel like a genius when you get past the harder puzzles that are later in the game.
  6. Stefan TheofilosProduct Designer, Entrepreneur · Written
    Especially if the plane has wifi
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    Hardbound 2.0

    Introducing The Nightcap, a quick visual summary of the news

    Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    Tap stories from Hardbound would be a great way to kill some time on a plane and learn something! I think you might be able to get through 15+ books on your flight. Sound about right, @nbashaw? 🙂
  8. 3
    Overcast 3.0

    A powerful yet simple podcast player

    Dan BairdProduct, tech and pets. · Written
    Fill it up with some great podcasts and keep yourself busy + learn in the sky.
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    Alto's Adventure

    An endless snowboarding odyssey

    Not only is the game play smooth, the audio is as well.
    Chris DanielsAlways looking for stuff · Written
    this game is incredibly satisfying
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    Mini Metro for Mobile

    A minimalistic subway layout game

    Mini Metro is a game where you have to manage the creation of subway lines that get passengers from point A to point B as efficiently as possible. The tools at your disposal include additional lines, trains, train cars, high speed trains, bridges, and a few others. You lose a game if and when passengers have waited too long to get onto a train.
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    A simple, fast, and beautiful music creation app

    I've made beats with this app during my last flight. It's simple and intuitive to use. Sounds are cool. You can then use the beats you made within the app «Take» to add tracks (voice or other).
  12. I discovered this game back in December and couldn't put it down. Solitairica is the classic game of solitaire combined with a turn-based dungeon crawler. You battle against different bosses who each have their own special abilities. You'll be able to enhance your own abilities by choosing from a number of deck modifiers that help you get past each hurdle. There are easy, medium and difficult decks to play from. I had a hard enough time playing on easy because each game is completely random and relies on both luck and skill, but it's totally worth it.
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    Any song. One tap away.

    Download a few playlists and you're good to go!
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    A simple iOS game about time

    othoFilm Maker, Campermedia · Written
    Killing time, at time!
  15. I like to read and one of the things I love to read are the stories on Choice of Games. They are short reads you download on your phone. You are reading a story and during the story you will have to make certain choices. The story continues based on the choices you make. Some stories are better than others, but def worth to check it out. Have read a bunch of these on long flights. And it is a nice break from watching movies and series. Note: you need to pay per story.