Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury

Which non-financial related blockchain project are you most excited about?

We've seen lots of blockchain projects related to finance as the primary purpose. Any favorites in healthcare, security, or other industries? Why?
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    A new internet for decentralized apps

    Very ambitious project to decentralize identity and user data and to allow construction of fully decentralized applications. Applications that can't be shut down or censored, won't sell off user data, and don't lock users in. (disclaimer: investor, but I invest in anything I like in the space)
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    Decentralized storage on the blockchain

    Like Filecoin, Sia's custom blockchain allows users to upload and store data on computers and servers around the world for 1/10th of AWS. Game. Changer.
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    Protect and claim ownership of your digital creations

    Abhilash JainCustomer Success / Growth · Written
    This one is great as it protects your digital creations using the blockchain. I've used this on all my Instagram photos so I know that no one is stealing. It is a fav because it helps people create and share without worrying about their stuff getting stolen.
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    The decentralised storage network

    Zach SegalWork @Coinbase & @BlockchainCurated.com · Written
    Filecoin excites me because it adds an economic incentive layer on top of IPFS, a distributed file hosting protocol that may be a foundational protocol for "web 3.0" apps. The incentives are designed in a such a way that miners (similar to seeders in the world of torrents) are economically incentivized to host files using a cryptographic token exchangeable for other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, without exposing the content of the files. IPFS has other awesome advantages around privacy, permanence, and more but I'll save that for another day :)
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    Pin photos to 3d space with augmented reality

    Karina MitchellArtist & Membit person · Written
    "Membit and Agingo are going to work together to let you (when you choose to) use your trust relationships to filter the augmented content that you see around you, AND to make the content you create verifiable through the blockchain. If you make a membit you’re going to be able to prove that you really were there and then, and any attempt to fake it will be easily unmasked." http://www.membit.co/2017/08/26/...
    Jay Van BurenCEO, Membit.co and Early-Adopter.com · Written
    Jay Van Buren made this product
    how cool would it be to be able to take a picture and have nobody ever be able to dispute with you where it was taken or when, and to let anyone who comes back to that place be able to see it in situ ?
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    Peer-to-peer hypermedia protocol for Blockchain powered web

    I really agree with Naval on Blockstack and id add this one as well. IPFS has a similar mission in making the web more distributed and decentralized, which could ultimately put the power back in the hands of the people and actually make the internet faster. Its also the protocol that Filecoin runs on.