Drew Reynolds
Drew ReynoldsSoftware Developer at Gramercy Tech

What is the absolute best time-saving Developer Tool you use today and what is one you wish you had?

Looking for 2 things here, what are the most popular tools other developers are using today and what are pain points you wish their was a solution for?
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    Cloud application platform

    Not having to "deal with" ops saves huge amounts of time. Using Heroku is like having your own ops team that is always looking after things and building new tools for improving your workflow.
  2. Any continuous integration/deployment platform. I'd never work anywhere that doesn't have this setup. It's such a huge time saver. 1. It runs your tests faster than you ever can. 2. It adds process to your deployment pipeline, it happens the same every time and avoids mistakes.
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    Connects iOS Deployment Tools into one streamlined workflow

    Daniel Noskin
    Daniel NoskinInVision, previously Parallel, Dropbox · Written
    There are so many tools within Fastlane that make provisioning iOS app super simple and quicker. They were bought by Twitter now sold to the Firebase team at Google. Fastlane + Firebase is a team to watch out for!