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What is the best Text to Speech App?

Recommend the best Text to speech app which won't speak like robots. Humanly voice with a Natural flow, Able to Emotionalize words is a plus.
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    Speechify Gen 0.1

    Read faster, stay focused & absorb more - Create Audiobooks

    AhmediOS/macOS Engineer. Founder of Flawless · Written
    The product is great. The mission is really inspiring. I definitely recommend you to try this one.
    • This product has helped me so much with college! I use it for my readings when I am feeling overwhelmed or anxious about not being able to do all the readings, or when I want to be productive on my walks to and from home, at the gym, etc. Awesome product and I love that it works in Spanish as well!

  2. AudioEye is transforming how the world experiences digital content by providing technology that solves accessibility issues and enhances the user experience for the broadest audience possible.