Rohit Alexander
Rohit AlexanderHunt to survive.

What's a good app to quickly share copied text, links, etc., between an iMac and an iPhone?

I currently use PushBullet, but the app developer has not updated it in a while. Looking for an alternative with the same features; primarily quick sharing between devices. Apple does have Handoff for their ecosystem but, I also need a history of shared items that I might sometimes need to revisit which they do not provide.
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    Clipboard history manager for your Mac

    Justin Mitchell
    Justin Mitchell9I help startups at · Written
    I use this for quick clipboard saving with history. Really love the Mac app. Has a companion iOS app as well.
    • Simon Bromberg

      I rarely shell out money for any kind of software, but while there are great free alternatives (e.g. Flycut), I haven't seen anything close to the performance / usability / UI in Paste. For $10, great deal.

    • Mike Coutermarsh
      Mike CoutermarshCode @ GitHub

      I set clipboard history to unlimited and can quickly search/find old code snippets. If I ever need to remember something, I just copy it then can find it later.

      I've used a quite a few of these and Paste is by far my favorite.

  2. 9
    Pushbullet for Mac

    Send your iOS notifications to your Mac

    I am using for share link and text.
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    A full featured clipboard manager

    Travis Martin
    Travis MartinOwner of FBA Coaching · Written
    Integrates with iCloud so handoff is super simple, and both clients are awesomely lightweight!!
  4. Jordan Walker
    Jordan WalkerEntrepreneur & COO at SoFriendly · Written
    Sendcity was born out of us actually scratching our own itch. We were having the same problem and decided to build out our own solution. Simply upload your content to the link (password protect it if you wish) then grab it on whatever device you need to get it to.
  5. Mister Hat
    Mister HatRemote Co-Founder of · Written
    You can simply use the Notes app provided by default on your mac and connect your Apple ID account. I'm not sure about the additional feature you're looking for but that's what I use.