What apps do you use for a road trip?

The most useful apps that you consider when you have a long car ride. Probably those are different types of maps, offline catalogues, safety apps.
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    Google Maps 4.0

    New material design brings bold graphics and fluid motion

    Ureeda AsimContent Creator | Content Marketer · Written
    When I'm on a road trip, I want to make the most of the time at hand and explore as many places I can with the limited time I have at hand. In situations like these, if you get lost on your way, it would take a lot of time for you to get back on track. Google maps help me avoid that problem and find directions to my pre-planned destinations on the go! Totally LOVE the app. Graphics are cool and are easy to comprehend. Completely amazing. No cons whatsoever!
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    Vineet GuptaInternet Marketing Strategist · Written
    For me, Google Maps application is more than enough to happily travel place :)
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    AI assistant for safe and informed driving

    Jimmy KohanVenture Capital. Tech Enthusiast · Written
    I realized that when I'm traveling on long distances I may lose my focus for a second or two. Many of my friends said that it's OK, you just can't be at 100% attention all the time. Anyway, I found it somehow dangerous and started to look for a tool or app. I tried Vision App and it went pretty well. It alerts you about lane changes, sharp stops, tailgating and driving too close to other objects. So it has become one of my travel apps.
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    Google Trips

    Exploring the world with all your travel info in one place

    Ureeda AsimContent Creator | Content Marketer · Written
    Best app for planning each and every route and stop for your road trip - Google Trips. I highly recommend it.
    Google Trips is amazing - I used it to plan our stops on a road trip my friends and I took to the Isle of Skye recently and I can't recommend it enough.
    best choice for me and my family.
  4. I find waze super useful on the roads. The app was build by Google, (you know it's pretty accurate since Google snooped on us all the time! lol) including the traffic data that you find on Google Maps, only that it is real-time by drivers around the area using the app. Live navigation is fantastic. I've used it myself when I'm road tripping from Thailand to Malaysia by driving, and oh boy I must say I love the accuracy of the app on traffic. When I'm using google map, it's often taken me to some sketchy roads for shortcuts that ended up taking more time than the average path and the travel route can change suddenly too. Waze is like a personal head-ups on the road for me, and the design of the app is pretty cute. The features of playing music and podcasts are the bonus.
  5. Eddie RodriguezI make balloons @ Google [X] · Written
    Great way to hold all my reservations together. Google Trips is nice too.
  6. Foursquare City Guide is a unique application that will allow you to visit an ideal place in any country. With this app in your pocket, you will always get useful advice and recommendations from the global community! The program allows joining a large team whose members love to explore and look for new places. They leave short reviews. On their basis, you can create a list of cafes and restaurants, where you want to eat lunch while traveling.
  7. Pedro Bento made this product
    Excellent to kill time on the road.
    Pedro Bento made this product
    Excellent to kill time on the road.
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    Connects top travel articles with maps

    Stephanie Goldman made this product
    Map2Next is a mobile app that allows you to read travel articles from top sources (Eater, Thrillist, Airbnb, Uber) and attaches their recommendations with maps to make them more accessible on-the-go. So you can save the places and articles you see on the web for later. It makes finding great places easy, and the UI is beautiful. Disclaimer: I work here. We've been working really hard on this one and are starting to get noticed by some of the big players in the space.
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    All your travel plans, in one place

    Christina Dymondtravel, diy, dogs, love them · Written
    Saves all your confirmations like hotels and dinner reservations, can add manually as well as automatically from your inbox. Travel stats.
  10. DomasBringing structure to life and systems · Written
    This is the best road trip management tool that I've ever seen. You can add destination points on the map and it automatically calculates the trip. There are tons of settings, like daily driving time, rest times, areas for notes, etc. It has integrated hotel and restaurant search, which clear marking if it's booked. Have a look, you'll find many more useful features there.
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    Discover your America

    John OakleyEntrepreneur and tech enthusiast · Written
    Really good content, lots of the hard to find stuff off the main paths and some pretty good curated trip guides to help plan.