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[Designers] What are your must-have Mac apps?

What apps are you using every day that you simply can't design without? From workflow to inspiration...
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    Sketch 40

    Latest version of the vector drawing tool

    tobinharrisCTO, Pocketworks Mobile Ltd · Written
    It's great for interface design for apps and websites, has loads of templates and resources available on ui8.net and other sites. Also good for flow diagrams. And as a bonus, I use it for product canvases/strategy canvases - a kind of infinite surface where I need to dump a load of info on the screen at once (docs, images, annotations etc).
  2. 22
    Alfred 3

    The Mac's best launcher just got a whole lot better

    John Kappa
    John KappaMelbourne based Designer · Written
    Once you get used to using Alfred you'll be able to kill your dock and speed up your workflow.
    Jeff Davis
    Jeff DavisPHP Web Developer · Written
    When I sit in front of a Mac that doesn't have Alfred installed, I have no idea what to do. It is like when I am at a friend's house and I drop food on the floor and realize they don't have a dog. Why not just get a dog? It makes like so much easier. Alfred is the very first thing I would install on a Mac
    • Anna  Miroshnichenko
      Anna MiroshnichenkoWeb Developer

      I cannot imagine how to use Mac without it. Finding apps by name is more convenient for me that do it with standard ways that iOS provides

    • Nikita Dudnik
      Nikita DudnikDeveloper/Designer

      Workflow is a killer feature. Also, you can configure Alfred to be called by double tapping one of the modifier keys. This is super convenient.

  3. 17
    Principle for Mac 4.0

    Animate your ideas, design better apps

    Dan Edwards
    Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt · Written
    The simplest tool I've found for UI animation, especially good with Sketch.
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    Flawless App

    Make your iOS apps look exactly like the expected design

    Lisa Dziuba
    Lisa Dziuba5FlawlessApp.io Founder · Written
    Lisa Dziuba made this product
    Mac app for compering the real design with the final app. Useful for mobile developers, UI & UX designers and product managers.,
  5. The best design tool ever!
    John Kappa
    John KappaDesigner, Perception Design · Written
    100% Game Changer!
    Greatest design software
  6. 5

    The color-blind simulator and contrast checker for Sketch.

    Dan Edwards
    Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt · Written
    Essential accessibility tool for designers.
    I don't think it is the best. But for me, it is helpful.
    • Alberto Orsini
      Alberto OrsiniCPO @ RefineAI.com

      Overall a fantastic tool. As a designer, you can seamlessly integrate it into your design process without introducing complexity. I have included this tool to my team workflow while leading UX team at HBO Latam and my company RefineAI.

  7. 4
    Adobe XD

    An end-to-end solution for designing & prototyping

    Kalia Hayes
    Kalia HayesShow me what you got. · Written
    My preferred design environment that's on the come up. It's prototyping abilities are decently advanced and improved on periodically. A bit more intuitive than Sketch while also being less bloated, imo. Adobe XD has a very nice built in prototype sharing feature, too. I send my higher-ups links to prototypes with embedded comments throughout the artboard which they can easily pull up in browser. Or I can connect my phone to my Mac and view my mobile designs with ease via an Adobe XD mobile app. Edits I make on my Mac are instantly reflected on my phone in real time. It is also free to use and cross platform, which is handy.
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    Design Camera

    Drag and drop 3D mockups

    Design camera is an app that mocks a 3D phone, and it includes animations. Just drag and drop your photo (needs to be device size), and it will automatically insert into the mockup. I use this for advertising, it's so simple, yet effective. Also, theres 4k
    • Pete Lacey
      Pete Laceyok at design

      I used it to create a bunch of clips for a presentation – it was a literally game-changer. Everybody asked me afterwards what tool I used. Great stuff Morten!

    • Sahil Dave
      Sahil DaveUX/UI Designer

      A great product to quickly create videos/gifs for design presentation. I've been using After Effects to create videos of my designs since a couple of years. Used tonnes of plugins (like Sketch2AE) to get my designs into AE but it just doesn't work all the time. I usually ended up creating a Flinto and then use that video in AE. A pain!

      With DesignCamera, I could import the Sketch designs with a quick shortcut. The layering feature was awesome too. The built-in animation preset looked awesome!

      I had a performance problem on my Macbook Pro 2017 but it might have been because of number of apps open at that time.

      Highly recommended.

  9. Dan Edwards
    Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt · Written
    Couldn't imagine sharing design files with my team without Dropbox.
  10. 2

    A secure, version-controlled hub for your design files

    Vlad Arbatov
    Vlad ArbatovCEO @ arb.digital · Written
    Keeps design iterations on the point, especially valuable when working with the team / client.
    • Alexander Lozada
      Alexander LozadaProduct Designer

      It's a great concept but the implementation is still lacking; resource usage is incredibly high, the application is frustratingly slow, and the amount of bugs encountered is in the tens per day.

    • Daniel Cunha
      Daniel CunhaProduct designer at Uphold Inc.

      This is a new way to manage design work. I really appreciate their app pretty new and pretty awesome. Recommended for small and medium and larger design teams who are working with product apps.

  11. 1

    Simply utility to adjust Sketch nudge settings

    Dan Edwards
    Dan EdwardsDesign at Product Hunt · Written
    Great simple tool to adjust Sketch nudge settings.
  12. Camp Olivia
    Camp OliviaLoving cool things in this world! · Written
    I really love the pre-built templates and the selection that comes with it. Overall, easy to adapt and customize. Personally, I found that it was easier to use and more professional looking end product compared to PS.
  13. Likely the fastest prototyping tool with great options for micro animations. The learning curve is low and can easily support complex projects with many pages. Has good integration with Sketch but can also be used as a stand-alone design tool. The prototype can be viewed on all iOS devices but not on Android.
  14. Jonathan Fuentes Flores
    Jonathan Fuentes FloresiOS, macOS, tvOS and watchOS developer! · Written
    This app will help you to quickly send previews of your work by managing the screenshots that are in your machine!
  15. 1

    Measure every pixel on your screen with ease ✨

    Great for measuring distance and useful for screenshots too!
    • Justin Scheetz
      Justin ScheetzFounder, Boxy Studio

      This is something I had no idea I needed until now. I used to measure things by initiating a screenshot and then dragging to measure. I'd say this is WAY easier.

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    • Kovács Máté
      Kovács MátéIndie iOS Developer

      It's a great tool and if somebody had a lot of screenshots because used command + shift + 4 for measuring distances on the screen, this well worth the price!

  16. Celine Carpet
    Celine CarpetProductivity, travel · Written
    Everyday we need work with PDFs, but the most simplest and cheapest PDF editor tool is best for daily work. So PDFelement express is great for that.https://pdf.wondershare.com/?utm...
  17. 1

    Get 100+ curated Mac apps in a single subscription.

    It's a new era of the application store.
    • Christina Warren
      Christina WarrenSenior Cloud Developer Advocate

      I've been using SetApp for more than a year and I have to say, it's become one of my favorite services.

      I was skeptical about an app subscription service, but did the math and for Ulysses, Screens, and a few other must-have apps, it was worth its price.

      To my surprise, it has actually become even more valuable, as I discover apps I wouldn't have otherwise used -- like Expressions and TablePlus -- or that I may have been weary about buying for their price (like Downie, a youtube-dl frontend that is great but not something I'd necessarily want to spend $20 on).

      If you have already paid for some of the pricier apps in SetApp, it's "value" may not be as great -- but as time goes on and more major upgrades are released, it's something Mac users, especially power Mac users should definitely consider.

      I love it.

    • M. Akif Petek
      M. Akif PetekMobile - Web Developer

      First ever subscription model for macOS apps of different companies.

      It's awesome, I regret purchasing many apps before.