Joel Fischer
Joel FischeriOS Team Lead, Livio

What is the best video chat app?

I'm looking for an app, preferably available on a wide variety of platforms. For example, Skype, Duo, or WhatsApp. What are your favorites?
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    Cloud video conferencing and simple online meetings

    Kesava Mandiga
    Kesava Mandiga15Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    Zoom is full-featured video chat/conferencing solution for individuals AND teams. Solid performance, available on multiple platforms, and easy to use. It's free for personal use but there are pricing plans for businesses. :)
    • Anthony Recenello
      Anthony RecenelloDating Coach and Head of Wolf & Garden

      The audio quality is so bad that it's the same level as a payphone. Really not worth paying money for when there are better solutions.

  2. 22

    Efficient video meetings with up to 12 people!

    Brandon Anzaldi
    Brandon AnzaldiSoftware Engineer @ ToTheTens · Written
    Super simple video chat app. You can just create a link, share it, and go. It's available on web, Android, and iOS.
    • Matt Pliszka
      Matt PliszkaCEO & co-founder @

      I really love the software and we're using it at picksaas to do video conferencing. The best thing about is it that everybody can enter with just one link, like the simplicity!

    • Matheus Guerra Costa
      Matheus Guerra CostaGrowth Hacker @ 12min

      Best video conference tools I've ever used! Skip those first 10 minutes of meetings on Skype that people just say "Can you hear me? How about now?", and just start talking!

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    Meet by Google

    Enterprise-friendly version of Google Hangouts

    Carson Long
    Carson LongI love finding new technology · Written
    The enterprise version of Hangouts. Easy, great quality, even offers option to call in via cell if you can't connect to the video chat. Only issue is that you need a paid/enterprise google account to initiate a video call.
  4. AppKodes Hiddy is up for anyone who is thriving to own a personal chat app for an online business or for one who is willing to leverage the business chats or for inter-organizational chats. build your complete real-time messenger app using our we chat clone script
  5. Daniel Contreras
    Daniel ContrerasGeek, entrepreneur... basically · Written
    Wisp is AMAZING for meetings, specially for teams, allows note taking, videocalling and screensharing with something that no other tools have pointer indication, so basically you can see where others point on your screen, also you can see in which work apps your team is. Basically it's PERFECT, I'm in love with it.
  6. Steve Corya
    Steve CoryaComputer Guru and Marketing Geek · Written
    Free as in speech and free as in beer, allows people to connect via phone number, cross-platform
  7. 1

    Collaborative screen sharing for sales & success teams

    Wilhelm Bacher
    Wilhelm BacherShaping the future of sales @ Demodesk · Written
    Wilhelm Bacher made this product
    Works entirely web-based on a wide variety of browsers
    • Aazar Ali Shad
      Aazar Ali ShadProduct Experience Layer - Userpilot

      We've been using Demodesk since 9 months now. I love the software.

      - The software is robust

      - Never found any problems.

      - Better alternative to Zoom

      - Don't need Calendly

    • Shaan Hathiramani
      Shaan HathiramaniFounder, Flockjay (YC W19)

      At Flockjay we train diverse jobseekers to launch their tech sales careers. So we prioritize having the best and most efficient tools to teach them the sales cycle. Demodesk is amazing in helping us make that happen. Seriously amazing.

  8. Raphael Allstadt
    Raphael AllstadtBuilding the Sound Cloud for Video · Written
    Hey my friend, Co-Founder of Mosaeek here! We are kind of the SoundCloud for Video. Not quite a 'video chatting app' but I thought you might find this useful. Best, Rapha
  9. Free, cross platform (windows, linux, mac, any phone) Video calling (720 60fps is free, 1080 is subscription)