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What are the best products for lauching a podcast?

Anything from audio recording, to landing sites, hosting, editing software, etc
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  1. Garageband just gets the job done, and it's free and available to you if you're already in the Mac ecosystem.
  2. Alexandre Vallières½ of RGBA.fm | Web Developer | Blogger · Written
    Solid CMS that is so great to use and constantly gets new features! I use it and I love it! http://rgba.fm
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    SoundCloud iOS

    The all-new SoundCloud app for iPhone

    Stefan Theofilos8Product Designer, Entrepreneur · Written
    A lot of people who host podcasts upload to Soundcloud. It's free and has a large user base
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    Anchor 2.0

    Make audio Stories, with voice, music, clips, and call-ins

    Kunal Bhatia50Co-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    I'm dabbling with Anchor as a way to test material and get into podcasting. I love the platform and the design. If you end up recording a great station that day, you can always export it and publish it elsewhere. Anchor stations stay live for 24 hours (like Stories on Snapchat/Instagram).
  5. I host my podcast on Omny Studio and it's a fantastic value. No storage or bandwidth restrictions. Super-affordable pricing ($9/mo I think). Reasonable support, and really nice modern interface for uploading and editing shows.
  6. Great recording software for recording
    Alexandre Vallières½ of RGBA.fm | Web Developer | Blogger · Written
    We use this too to record our tracks (double-ender).
  7. This is a great mid-range USB mic that is used by a lot of podcasters, vloggers, and streamers. You can routinely find these on sale for about 40% off of retail, which is great. I also recommend getting a pop filter, which usually runs about $5-7 USD.
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    Broadcast audio from mobile or desktop

    Javier FrancoCTO and Inbound Marketeer in Ases Media · Written
    Mixlr, one of the best Broadcasting live audioin the market.
  9. Alexandre Vallières½ of RGBA.fm | Web Developer | Blogger · Written
    Barely just touched it but it seems like a powerful alternative (once you viewed the training videos to uncover the hidden features).
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    Automatic audio post production for podcasts & more

    Ed ShelleySweating the details @ChartMogul · Written
    Auphonic simply makes your audio sound WAY better, with automatic leveling, noise reduction and more. It's my secret sauce for great sounding audio ;)