David Standen
David StandenCo-founder, Loveflutter

What new apps do you use for beta distribution?

I'm looking for alternative apps for BETA distribution, would be awesome to hear what everyone is using old and new!
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    Invite upto 1000 external testers using just their email IDs

    Willie Morris
    Willie Morris3Formerly Amazon, Boeing, and Faithbox · Written
    Pretty much the standard for iOS.
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    Mobile developer platform by Twitter

    Levi Bostian
    Levi BostianIndie Android & iOS developer. · Written
    I use Fabric Beta for iOS and Android beta testing with my apps. For Android, it gets delivered to testers instantly rather then waiting couple hours to get into Play Store Beta testing program and it's a much better UX for users getting on board with testing app. For iOS, I simply feel it is a better product then TestFlight. For beta testers for developers, I feel it is better in all the ways.
    David Standen
    David StandenCo-founder, Loveflutter · Written
    Yep we're using Fabric for app distribution. But it would be great to have the ability to invite people to use the app in Beta mode without having to add device IDs or adding emails etc - just send out an invite to group of people for Beta testing.