What's the best app for writing on Windows?

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  1. Kesava Mandiga14Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    Does this really need an intro? The world's default writing application. ;)
  2. Kesava Mandiga14Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    I asked a question yesterday about a cross-platform writing app and the maker of this app recommended it to me. :) Standard Notes is available on Web, Mac, PC, Linux, iOS, and Android ;) It's simple and straight to the point, so everything works fast and as you'd expect. As a bonus, your content is encrypted before being synced, and you can add Dropbox/Google Drive as a backup sync location.
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    Hemingway Editor 3.0

    Make your writing bold and clear, send to Medium/Wordpress

    Kesava Mandiga14Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    The PC and Mac apps are paid but the web app is free. It helps you write clear sentences that convey the point without any fluff. Not a grammar checker, but it does a great job highlighting places where you can make your article tighter and cleaner.
    • Kesava MandigaCurious cat. Writer. Explorer.

      Simple, unambiguous, clutter-free writing made easy for anyone. Hemingway is a godsend for people like me that, completely unintentionally, wax poetic about stuff that can be said in a few words.

    • Cornelius H DoGraduate @ CommBank

      I started using Hemingway from it's first iteration. First for my uni assignments and since then I've used it for almost everything. Slide decks, presentations, social posts, campaign copy, you name it. I even used it for this review! haha

  4. 1

    Clear, effective, mistake-free writing.

    Kesava Mandiga14Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    The best grammar checker on the web. Period.
    • Robert MelkonyanCo Founder - Profunders Club

      When you use grammarly, they put some kind of advert for youtube, so when you watch youtube videos, it will stop and their advert will start. Note, this is not a youtube ad, this is an ad directly from them.

    • Philip V. ArielFounder and Owner, Philipscom

      No doubt this is a wonderful and useful tool to the online writers and bloggers.

      I appreciate the team for making this possible for millions of users around the world.




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    Sublime Text 3.0

    The long awaited version 3 of the popular code editor

    Kesava Mandiga14Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    Sublime Text combines a beautiful aesthetic with a suite of features for coders. And it runs fast.
    • Reorx XiaoPython Developer

      Among its siblings like Atom, VS Code, sublime is the fastest and most fluent. But because of the slow update cycle and being a paid software, the community is smaller, therefore extensions are less, but enough to cover everyday usage and most popular languages.

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    • DanielCTO, PlateJoy

      Necessary packages:

      • Maybs Quit

      • Sidebar Enhancements

      • Trailing Spaces

      • Sublime Linter

      • A dark theme, like Soda Dark

      • imo: Vintage (VIM keybindings) with vintage_start_in_command_mode and vintage_use_clipboard set to true

  6. 1

    An elegant writing tool for web

    Kesava Mandiga14Curious cat. Writer. Explorer. · Written
    Came across this on Product Hunt. A web-based distraction-free writing app that just works.