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What is the best free alternative to Little Snitch?

To see what apps are accessing the network etc
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    Block persistently installed apps and services.

    It pops up when the apps are encrypting files, installing helper or adding something to login files. You can ether allow it, or terminate them.
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  2. It monitors your mac's mic, webcam and their processes and pops up native notification with choices to either allow it or terminate the process. Also you can look it up in menubar if the mic or webcam are (still) running.
  3. Édouard JaminProduct Owner @MobeyeApp · Written
    Free and open-source alternative to Little Snitch. Does only outgoing connections
    PauliOS Developer · Written
    Great app from the same developer as BlockBlock and OverSight (mentioned above) — has replaced Little Snitch for me.
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    Extra security & privacy via network monitoring

    Minal kewatiOS App Developer · Written
    Visualize network activity in detail, get notified when new apps access the network, look out for malware, and block bad apps.