Pedram DaraeizadehProduct Management and Marketing

What tool or combination of tools do you use when it comes to running user research interviews?

Especially when it's remote. I'm looking for the easiest way to run interviews at scale to speed up the process from booking calls to running interviews and all the way to analyzing the results.
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    Cassette for iOS

    The best way for designers to record & share user interviews

    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written
    Cassette is amazing. I use it for all background interviews, and sometimes as a backup recording to my prototype testing sessions. Love the simple bookmarking and the transcription.
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    Affordable remote user testing built for rapid user feedback

    Kunal BhatiaDesign @ Mercury · Written has a great set of features for the more formal testing and I love their vision + affordability.
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    Create live, instant, editable polls effortlessly

    Steve DimmickCo-Founder, doopoll · Written
    Steve Dimmick made this product
    If honest opinions matter to you, then check out doopoll. Anonymous responses and no need for users to register / download an app. Available in four languages too.
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    Your simple day-to-day research tool for Twitter

    Vindya GunawardanaCo-Founder @MuchCast · Written
    Vindya Gunawardana made this product
    Would you like to capture what your users feedback on your product or service? Twitter is a place where people publish their own opinions, complaints, issues, criticisms on various types of topics, products, and services. Therefore, Twitter is an excellent, rich data source for the people who are conducting any kind of social marketing research. Muchcast will assist you to gather your daily user research content easily, without wasting your time and effort scrolling through scattered social data load. Even MuchCast provides sentiment analysis and emotion analysis for your user research content. Then you can analyze user opinions more easily.