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Are there any great alternatives for G-Suite?

My team is quite small (< 5 people) and paying $5 per person seems expensive at this stage. We'd only use business emails and calendars.
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  1. Brandon AnzaldiSoftware Engineer @ goop · Written
    Zoho comes with 50 free email users on a single domain, integrated calendar, and if you need even more, their plans start at $2/user/month paid yearly. I use them to host my personal email, and I'm definitely happy with them :) Even still, their free tier is pretty incredible. I'd absolutely recommend them.
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    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic · Written
    I would suggest Zoho too if your business is limited to Calendars and Emails. I doubt if Zoho integrates with Google Calendar though. Best checked with them.
    Nikhil JoisGrowth, Bureau · Written
    We use Zoho at my company for almost 15 people and it works seamlessly. They have an integrated calendar and there's an easy way to sync it to your personal Google Calendars as well.
  2. Free for up to 1000 users. Free 10GB per user, but without control. 100 wiki pages and some limits. P.S. Awesome email :)
  3. Enterprising Josh made this product
    Best free full featured GSuite alternative is Bitrix24. It actually gives you tools that GSuite currently doesn't have, namely client and project management. See
    F.E.artist, activist, astronaut. · Written
    Lots of features, very (!) generous free tier. Interface is a bit dated, mobile apps are really bad. If that´s not a deal-breaker, you get chat+crm+tasks+kanban and a lot more.
  4. Jonas BrusmanDev @ Teamtailor · Written
    I'm using Fastmail for my personal/family's accounts.
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    Kiwi for Gmail

    The only true email client for Gmail on Mac

    Great for both mac and windows.. though still not totally popular, this app is really amazing with g-suite. Kiwi makes all g-apps available like standalone desktop apps. you can put any item in a separate window, for instance. Multiple accounts are online at the same time. Send larger attachments. No need for browsers to access g-suite anymore. Among all other features.
  6. HowlLoop is a Digital Collaboration Platform for growing organizations. HowlLoop provides on premise installation that you can utilize with one time payment. Great feature set of document management, social intranet, task management, Q&A, chat, etc. you won't need anything else.
  7. Ben LiCofounder@LinkTime Mobile. · Written
    Ben Li made this product
    Princle One is the perfect tool for your team. I was designed ground up for small business and teams lie yours. It has many nice features such as email, alert, event, task, group chats, topic based feeds, and powerful sharing functionalities.
  8. Even if I'm biased, please let's check the features of serverMX and join for free 1 month. 50MB attachment size, unlimited domain, email attachment automatically saved in your Dropbox account and more