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Shreya BishtCo-founder, DesignBids

Is there a canva like tool for generating beautiful HTML Emails that work?

My motive is to work with a variety of formats for A/B testing.
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    Stripo 2.0

    WYSIWYG editor for interactive AMP emails

    Hanna Kline made this product
    Hi there! You might like them. They have a modular drag-and-drop editor and an HTML coding tool.
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    Real Intelligence
    Marian LucasProduct Designer @Kindly and Return πŸ”„ Β· Written
    Marian Lucas made this product
    Hey I am part of the RI* crew. I would recommend you checking out. Publicate.it :) Happy to help! ✌🏻
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    BEE Free

    Free editor to build responsive design emails. Embeddable.

    Thomas EvansCOO, EmailOctopus Β· Written
    this is about the closest you'll get I think! HTML emails aren't easy!