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Fred RivettCo-founder @ The Dot

What are the best apps to separate Mac work & Mac play?

I use my Mac *a lot*, I'm on it all day for work, and also use it to catch up on news, mail, communities etc. I want to stop myself from being distracted whilst in "work mode", but also have the apps I often use in downtime (mail, tweetdeck, slack etc.) easily available when not working. Primarily I'm interested in if there's a good way to achieve this (multiple docks?) but also open to any suggestions people have about separating work and play on a Mac. Thanks! πŸ™
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    A Mac app to block distracting websites

    Mariusz Ciesla
    Mariusz CieslaProduct Designer Β· Written
    I use this one. Does good enough job blocking access to apps and websites I don't want to spend time on when working. Also has a "hardcore mode" where you literally can't turn off work mode during certain times. It's awesome.
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    Anti-procrastination app for Mac to break bad online habits

    Martin Boeddeker
    Martin BoeddekerFounder, Β· Written
    Martin Boeddeker made this product
    FindFocus is the #1 Alternative To SelfControl and other website blockers build for professionals and productivity experts. It allows you to block distracting websites & applications with independent schedules to build better habits and to stay focused.