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What are some good Franz alternatives?

What are some alternatives to Franz?
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    Franz 2.0

    Desktop app for Slack, WhatsApp, Skype, Telegram, Messenger

    Harold CummingtonProduct Manager at Slark · Written
    It's 2x better than Franz.
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    Easy and fast access to web applications

    Alexey FedorovFouder & CEO, Firework · Written
    Alexey Fedorov made this product
    Firework can make the same but for messangers and any other web applicatons.
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    Desktop messaging for over 48 email & messaging apps

    I'm using this instead of Franz because if any of the apps breaks and it doesn't load in Franz you have to restart the whole app and in Rambox you can simply refresh single app tab.
    Matthias EsterlWeb/Interactive Developer, ANIMAL · Written
    There is Rambox, but i've never tested it myself.
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    All-in-One Messenger

    Your messengers in one place. Easy and free Chrome app.

    at least you don't get to install anything to your system since it's a chrome app. :)
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    One app to rule them all

    Benjamin PowellProduct manager & Co-Founder · Written
    I've just started using this and so far its been pretty great, won't allow me to add in custom URLs but overall a pretty good experience.
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    Manageyum 2.0

    A browser made precisely for your apps.

    Not free (unless you recommend 5 friends) and independent of the browser, but I found this to be the fastest and most stable of all the options for the Mac.
  7. Guillaume BardetBuilding · Written
    For the past two years, I have been building a web version of something similar to this! It currently has 1,200+ apps. You can also add custom urls as shortcuts like @benjamin_powell wanted. We just starting sending out beta invites this week, you could join here: Hopefully some of you will be able to benefit from it!
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    Turn any webpage into a native app

    Nativefier is an open-source tool to create standalone apps of websites.