John EganMobile Product Manager from Chicago⚡️

What's the best product to analyze App Store or Play Store reviews and downloads?

I'm looking for a product to track any app available on the App store or Play store and analyze an app's downloads, reviews, versions, etc., over time. Kudos to a program that extracts the data from the reviews and compiles it all into reports and data viz charts.
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  1. Felipe TinocoProduct Specialist @Oath · Written
    IMHO, its the best platform to analyze app stores infos, also from your competitors.
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  2. Kadir Can KIRKOYUN@Scodeapp - CoFounder · Written
    Mobile Center is supporting React Native platform. With Codepush support, we can update the user without forcing it to update.
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    AppFollow 2.0

    The best way to track app activities in the appstores

    Tomas JohnsonProduct manager · Written
    Many cool features and integrations, used for some time AppAnnie but the full featured version is too expensive for me. All features that i need i found in AppFollow.