What is a a good macOS app for jotting notes?

For my writing, I use Ulysses which is dope, but sometimes I just want to "jot" a quick, *temporary* note - something Ulysses is not well-suited for. What I find is that my important writing becomes drowned in a bunch of notes I shouldn't have saved in the first place. What is a simple, light-weight note-taking app I can use for temporary note-taking?
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    Unclutter 2
    It's always on and not in your sight. It has some very handy additional features as well.
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    Simple, lighter alternative to Evernote

    о.Creative at DMNSNS · Written
    Fast. Light. Great.
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    Simple, beautiful yet powerful text/md editor for your Mac

    The menubar app is perfect for quick notes. can be expanded into a full note app and does all this with markdown so great export capabilities