What Slack add-on can I use to collect anonymous feedback from my Slack group members?

I'd like to ask a small group of people feedback on my mentorship program. They can give anonymous feedback if they choose to. I can use Typeform for this but it's a small group so I'm wondering if there's any Slack extensions that can do this :)
Jenny ShenUX/UI Consultant. Digital Nomad. · Asked

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Feedback Bot

Ayush Mittal12bro @boombro, Founder RefR ✌ · Written
Try feedback bot - you can send feedback to your slack group members anonymously!
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Anonymous peer feedback via Slack

Ryan Hoover44Founder, Product Hunt · Written
Speedback is built for anonymous peer reviews in Slack, which might work for your needs. Alternatively, you could create a simple Typeform form to poll and ask questions of your group but it won't be integrated in the way you're describing.

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I feel like these guys have a Slack integration as well