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What are some alternatives to Mailchimp? What are your experiences with them?

Mailchimp is good but I'd love to try other providers. 😊 Thanks!
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    Timesaving tools for designers, developers and marketers.

    Andrian Valeanu
    Andrian ValeanuFounder of multiple projects. · Written
    Andrian Valeanu made this product
    Nice email builder. Free to try. No code to build. Live 24x7 support. Unlimited Email Campaigns. Best designed email templates.
    I use it for an email signature as well. I found it from Mailchimp integrations https://mailchimp.com/integratio...
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    Increase newsletter open rate with artificial intelligence.

    Eugene made this product
    Large free account, fast tech support, SMS and Webpush as well
    Nguyen Van Nam
    Nguyen Van NamMình là Nam. Tài xế taxi tại TaxiGroup · Written
    Use a simple, free account
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    Email marketing for authors

    Michelle Nickolaisen
    Michelle NickolaisenOwner, Bombchelle Industries · Written
    I've never used ConvertKit, but I've heard really great things about it from my blogger friends (and people who have their business built around that business model). The main reason I was looking at it was that you can set up different email forms with a different opt-in bonus for each one - so if you had a post about email marketing apps, the opt-in prompt would be a download about email marketing, with a different download/bonus for a post about PR outreach, etc. (I use MailMunch on my blog & they just added this feature for MailChimp opt-in forms, so I'll probably be sticking with MailChimp for now.)
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    Send newsletters 100x cheaper.

    Jonathan James
    Jonathan JamesAlways Reaching. · Written
    @getSendy will save you $$ - companies keep bragging about this single advantage over other email services.. You'll need to configure your server to continually send.. read more about Sendy [ see link below ] @getSendy founder speaks up: https://cards.producthunt.com/ca...
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    Ayush Mittal
    Ayush MittalHead Of Digital Communications · Written
    Been using Sendgrid since a while and I have its API installed as well to deliver both transactional and marketing emails. As with everything else, it might take a while to get used to their interface and features but does everything. They have a good knowledge base with step-by-step resources. Segmentation, contact management and analytics are a part. They also have deliverability/reputation reporting and scoring.
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    360 degree Email Marketing Automation

    Mayank Agarwal
    Mayank AgarwalCo-Founder @sendxio · Edited
    Mayank Agarwal made this product
    Unlike MailChimp, SendX has: - Live 24x7 support. - Unlimited Email Campaigns. - More affordable than MailChimp. - Contact based pricing that does not charge multiple times for the same contact (even if the contact is in multiple lists). You can check a detailed comparison here: https://www.sendx.io/mailchimp-a...
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    Email marketing made easy

    Check https://emailoctopus.com/ - they do use Amazon infrastructure (SES) to send emails, hence they are way cheaper. If you prefer standard cloud solution, check https://www.campaignmonitor.com
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    All-in-one email design platform

    YuriyMarketing Manager @ Ardas · Written
    Easy-to-use email builder with designed email templates to save time on routine with rich exporting opportunities to top ESPs
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    Ivan Burban
    Ivan BurbanCMO at Saldo Apps · Written
    Ivan Burban made this product
    Stripo isn't full alternative, but we do great email template builder and have 1click export to Rich ESP (include MailChimp)
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    ActiveCampaign Deals CRM for iOS

    Thousands of won deals in your pocket.

    David Kadavy
    David Kadavy📗 Mind Management, Not Time Management · Written
    I used MailChimp for years, and was constantly annoyed. I come up with some non-conventional automation ideas, and MailChimp felt like trying to climb a ladder with handcuffs. I ended up switching to ActiveCampaign, and I've been extremely happy with them. They allow a ton of control in their automation builder. The downside is the email editing experience on AC is terrible. MailChimp on the other hand has a great email editing experience. If you just want to send a nice-looking email once in awhile, MailChimp is the clear choice. If you want sophisticated automations, I recommend ActiveCampaign. (Here's a long comparison I did between the two services: http://kadavy.net/blog/posts/mai... )
    Martin Boeddeker
    Martin BoeddekerFounder, FindFocus.net · Written
    Love Active Campaign. Cheap and really powerful!
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    Agile CRM
    Saketh Rasakatla
    Saketh RasakatlaSr. Digital Marketer · Edited
    Some excellent email marketing tools: * MailChimp and * Mailchimp alternatives like Agile CRM’s email marketing feature. (https://www.agilecrm.com/mailchi...) and the experience has been great so far (past 1 yr). I suggest you try Agile CRM’s email marketing (https://www.agilecrm.com/email-m...) for lead generation as it has email marketing, as well as CRM capabilities to manage leads end-to-end (lead generation -> Lead scoring ->, Lead Nurturing -> Lead Segmentation => Lead Management). Also, Agile CRM has been rated as the best CRM by G2Crowd, Capterra and TrustRadius. Used by over 15000 businesses worldwide! Here are the email marketing features of Agile CRM: * Prepackaged & Custom Templates * Personalization * Email Lead Scoring * Tracking and Metrics * Email A/B Testing * Drag-and-Drop Email Builder * Target Your Audience * Sharing on Social Media * Autoresponders * Real-Time Alerts Hope this helps! :)
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    HubSpot Growth Stack

    Tools that grow with your business.

    Omer Molad
    Omer MoladCo-founder and CEO @ Vervoe · Written
    MailChimp's main advantage is its transactional email service, Mandrill. But otherwise it often makes sense to use an email campaign product that is part of a larger marketing offering. That way email, blog hosting, social sharing and landing pages are all in one place and everything can be measured. That's why we use HubSpot.
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    free email marketing solution for entrepreneurs

    Bertrand Rigal
    Bertrand RigalFreelance developer · Written
    Cheap and super fast support, it also contains a powerful marketing automation tool.
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    Simple Connect for AWS SES by Pepo Campaigns

    The most powerful solution for Amazon SES email marketing

    joshua bradley
    joshua bradleyPassionate about making life better · Written
    I was hopeful for Pepo (also ses) but integration has been less of a slam dunk than I thought. Still worth checking out
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    Yuri Silva
    Yuri SilvaSocial Media Specialist at @Surespotinc · Written
    If you're going to do big campaigns, Emma is the right option, everything in the UI/UX is prettiest than mailchimp and it have more integrations but is more corporative
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    Email marketing for Freelancers & Small Business

    varjuntej made this product
    You can try Bullmailer - it has 3 different packages like listbased/bulk/smtp or amazon ses . In every pacakge it has competitive prices with great features like email automation, lading pages, trigger, workflows etc.
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    Easily create an engaging, gorgeous, weekly digest

    Sam Dickie
    Sam DickieProduct Manager | Maker · Written
    Simple UI - doesn't suffer from the typical feature bloat of most email marketing tools. Also half the price! Big fan
    Sam Dickie
    Sam DickieProduct Manager | Maker · Written
    Simple UI - doesn't suffer from the typical feature bloat of most email marketing tools. Also half the price! Big fan
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    Campaign Monitor's new app for iPhone

    Dan Edwards
    Dan EdwardsDesigner @ Snyk - Ex Product Hunt · Written
    Rate Campaign Monitor very highly, great for both web savvy and non-technical users alike. Personally, I love the real-time map view!
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    Intuitively-designed email marketing and website tools

    Federico Jorge
    Federico JorgeComparison pages for SaaS companies · Written
    I love how simple MailerLite is and they have a very solid free tier --with automation-- if you want to give it a shot.
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    Yet Another Mail Merge (YAMM)

    Run well-targeted email campaigns with Gmail & Google Sheets

    This tool is very simple but works great if you just planning on sending emails, you can also setup google business accounts
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    Send email based on what people do (or don't do) in your app

    Great tool to integrate with sales force and use trigger based emails, more sophisticated and targeted than time based sequences