What is the best business intelligence dashboard software?

I'm looking for the *perfect* tool :) - user-friendly (I'm not a dev) with a nice onboarding and a quick learning curve - complete in terms of integration (SQL, Mailchimp, Salesforce IQ, Slack, Facebook, Twitter, Google Analytics...) - if possible with the possibility of setting up alerts if some KPIs drastically change - with a pricing of around $100/200 per month I saw there's a lot of them (Domo, Cyfe, Grow, Geckoboard, Dasheroo, Datahero, Vize, Zoho, Power BI by Microsoft), so it's why I'm looking for feedback and recommendations! Thanks for your help :)
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    Monitor the vital signs of your business

    Hrishi MittalFounder, Learnetto.com · Written
    I've been using Geckoboard for years and love it. It's simple, looks nice and connects to pretty much everything. When it doesn't directly connect to an app, there are easy workarounds using Google sheets. It's also been designed for putting up displaying dashboards on screens around your office.
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    The data exploration for the modern business.

    This is super complex to setup and expensive, but if you want the real deal, this is IT. Looker is incredible and well worth the investment in time/money IMO.
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  3. Baruch YochaiHelp ponies to be next unicorns!🤘 · Written
    Generates your own dashboard according to the data