What's the best free duplicate file finder on Mac?

I'm looking for a light, free and good duplicate finder. Thanks
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    Gemini 2.0

    The intelligent duplicate file finder for your Mac

    I don't know of any great free ones. But you could run Gemini a couple times without upgrading it. It works really well. Then if you find it worth it, could upgrade.
    Julia Petryk
    Julia PetrykPR Manager, MacPaw · Written
    Julia Petryk made this product
    Mike is right. If you're looking for some free solution, Gemini 2 trial can clean up to 500 Mb of space.
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    Hazel 4.0

    The new and improved file automator for the Mac

    This is my other favorite. I have this running all the time and it auto cleans up duplicates for me. Same as Gemini, you can do quite a lot without paying for it. I found it very useful and upgraded after a while of using it.