Santiago PliegoPM & Designer | Co-founder @ConsignCloud

Best lightweight CSS framework for simple responsive websites?

I recently ran into Skeleton CSS and loved it. What are your favourite lightweight frameworks?
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    A lightweight, responsive and modern CSS framework

    I have worked with this framework, its preety lightweight and fast. It has got some amazing components. Highly recommended.
    Yan Zhu made this product
    Elegantly designed and developed elements and components.
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    A modern CSS framework based on Flexbox

    J. Alexander CurtisCo-Founder, Yagi Telecom · Written
    Bulma is slick and responsive. It has tons of elements and is all based on flexbox.
    No JS just pure CSS, lot of elements and small
    Manish MalikTechnology Products. Mostly. · Written
    Bulma has been amazingly simple and fast to use. Definitely recommended.
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    Set of small, responsive CSS modules

    James WelchCEO @ · Written
    I've really enjoyed using on my projects and even built it into a CMS tool that I made. It's a lighter option than bootstrap and I find it has 99% of the things I need out of the box.
  4. Levi BostianIndie Android & iOS developer. · Written
    Develop, debug, and prototype. Lightweight. Fast. Simple. Helps you to use best practices. Built around basic design concepts. I love it.
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    A minimalist CSS framework

    Modern version of Skeleton
  6. Kunal BhatiaCo-founder & Design Lead @SlidesUp · Written
    @addyosmani has done a superb job with the Material Design Lite components. Check it out!
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    Bootstrap themes, templates & widgets with code examples

    Suhas MoudgalyaProduct Engineer at EdgeVerve Systems · Written
    This one !!!
  8. Smaller and faster than other CSS frameworks. Easier to learn, and easier to use than other CSS frameworks. Uses standard CSS only (No jQuery or JavaScript library). Speeds up and simplifies web development. Supports modern responsive design (mobile first) by default.
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    Waffle Grid

    An easy to use flexbox grid system.

    Lucas GruwezGeek by day, still a geek by night · Written
    Lucas Gruwez made this product
    Waffle grid is just a simple CSS flexbox grid.
  10. Angelos Chalaris made this product
    mini.css is under 7KB gzipped, well-documented, responsive and easy to customize. Give it a shot!
    mini.css is minimal, responsive, easily customizable and the documentation is phenomenal.
  11. AyrtonUsed to build Product Hunt. · Written
    A back to basics CSS starter kit “for when you don’t need the whole boot”.
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    Skeleton 2.0

    A dead simple, responsive CSS boilerplate.

    It's just the basics you'd need!
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    The easiest way to make HTML presentations and long-forms.

    José Luis AntúnezDesign for trust. Seville, Spain. · Written
    José Luis Antúnez made this product
    Simple, fast, versatile, and beautiful
  14. jonathanrossQA Manager / Solution Architect · Written
    Limited Beta for iOS and Android of Microsoft's fast, radically improved browser (which besides Safari also supports Apple livestreams and more)
  15. Nithin David thomasBuilding Chatwoot | Developer | UI/UX · Written
    Great css only framework made with postcss
  16. I think you can try this fast responsive web UI kit. It is the Biggest library of UI kit ever. Creation is the perfect startup Web UI kit for designers and developers. It is a huge pack UI kit with over 1700 fully customized blocks and 250+ sample pages.
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    Cirrus v0.6

    A component centric CSS framework for fast prototyping.

    Stanley LimI am a hidden frontend dev. · Written
    Stanley Lim made this product
    Sort of a self-plug, but I created this framework for rapidly building responsive websites.