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What's the best business and domain name generator?

I'm looking for tools that make it easier to come up with good names that are available.
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    Domain name generator

    IrfanCEO, · Written provides a great combos including brandable names and random domain keyword suggestions. It has lot of variety. It helps to find the right domain name for your website. A simple free tool that identifies catchy domains available and gives you the tools to register them on the spot.
    • Irfan

      This is a free domain name generator which is easy to use. Find the right domain name for your website. A simple tool that identifies catchy domains available and gives you the tools to register them on the spot.

    • HeartFuse
      HeartFuseA Creative Media Network

      the less i say about domain squatting the better ....

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    Worldwide domain search

    Kyle Hess
    Kyle Hess5Fintech Product Manager · Written
    I don' think this is exactly what you're looking for, but Domainr is my favorite place to try a bunch of different domain ideas. Does a good job of finding options you might like using all the weird domain types.
    Maxim Ananov
    Maxim AnanovDistraction Dimmer • · Written
    I always turn to it when I get an idea
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    Lean Domain Search

    Find a Great Domain Name w/ twitter handle availability

    The suggestions are always great through this site. Highly recommend it.
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    Naming Matters

    A new, affordable naming startup for startups

    Kate53Head of Social @ GitHub · Written
    This just got posted on Product Hunt today and they go above and beyond to answer this question. They really take into account what your business does, potential trademark issues, domain availability, and more. However, depending on what features you want to utilize, you will have to pay for some of them (freemium / saas model).
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    Instantly search domains, social media handles & logotypes.

    This shows you all the platforms, domains and social media accounts available for names - its not the best for helping generate names but you can play around with it a lot. It also shows some simple logo ideas
    • Mason Payne
      Mason PayneFounder, Masonite Studios, LLC

      I love the simple tools that do all the hard work of checking for availability and price. Excellent simplification of a laborious process.

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    Instant Domain Search

    See Domain Name Search Results As You Type

    Samar Mustafa
    Samar MustafaFounder of · Written
    This is my favourite domain finder. if search and find the availability of the domain as you type and at the same time it has good suggestions feature.
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    Name Mesh

    Your awesome domain name is waiting

    Personally I love this one
  8. Artificial intelligence powered business names generator. Neuronaming presents a demo of a new approach using a neural network. 3 million active UK companies data points were used to teach the network. While it's more proof of concept, you sure can get inspiration for a new brand name, browsing the infinite variants generated by AI. No domain name checker at the moment, but we plan to add this feature in future release.
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    Most creative way to find a catchy name for your new venture

    Felice Della Gatta
    Felice Della GattaFreelance graphic designer · Written
    Generate fantasy words inspired by any language and which start or end with letters of your choice. The tools tells you at the same time if the .com or .net domains are available and it's very easy to use.
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    Linkmoji v2

    Convert links into custom emoji 🍼💕🐫

    Niv Dror
    Niv Dror14VC at Shrug Capital · Written
    These days its crucial to name your startup after an emoji.
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    Hipster Business Name

    Generate a name and logo for your hipster business

    Niv Dror
    Niv Dror14VC at Shrug Capital · Written
    idk if this is helpful but may get some ideas going!
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    Agile Domain Search

    Search great domain names for your website in seconds.

    Jacob Langvad Nilsson
    Jacob Langvad NilssonFounder + CEO, Navy Digital · Written
    Jacob Langvad Nilsson made this product
    Excellent tool (I build it). Working on a redesign and several new features for Q4 2017.
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    See if your username is available on 100+ social networks

    BrianDillinghamFull Stack Developer · Written
    Checks domains and user handles on tons of sites. And is fast. My go to
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    An effective solution to find cool names

    Javi Pérez
    Javi PérezProduct designer · Written
    Super easy app to find names with domain checker
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    Mono Name

    Curated CSV list of available domains for your next project

    Mighty Alex
    Mighty AlexProduct Developer · Written
    Mighty Alex made this product
    We are maintaining a curated list of available domains, 400+ at the moment.
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    Generates modern startup names based on multiple seed words

    Mo Bitar made this product
    A different take on name generators.
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    AI business name generator

    🅵🅴🅻🅸🆇Founder, Going Places · Written
    I tried it the other day and it generated some high-quality names!
    • Andre Goersch
      Andre GoerschDirector of Human Experience

      This is definitely one of the best name generator tools I have used. I am always concerned about using similar tools after having domain ideas automatically stolen before, but I'm willing to give it a go for my next projects.

      I would recommend streaming the results little by little to improve loading.

    • The tool is pretty good but sometimes the messages are quite unexpected. I entered 'message' as keyword and got tremendous results on vmessed mess and so on.

  18. Joe Hobot made this product
    Domain generators are just that, generators. Its different when you work with someone that has human touch and knowledge of domaining industry. Check it out, let me know what you think
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    Best way to search domain names, esp for apps and startups

    I did research and found very useful tool that I have listed at 1 position in my list:
  20. Brian
    BrianSoftwareFindr · Written
    Brian made this product
    Instead of being overwhelmed with hundreds of suggestion you get a handpicked selection of the most popular combination.