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Which Fintec mobile only bank would you recommend in the EU region?

Like many others in our PH community, digital only banking is becoming more and more a realistic option for our daily banking needs, what's your bet which startup will prosper over others in the EU region?
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3 recommended
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    The Mobile Bank

    I have been using N26 since I moved to Germany and never regretted it. It takes 10' to register and to open a new account, everything runs through their mobile or web app and they have some pretty cool features like real-time push notifications or instant transfers to other N26 users, which I couldn't find in other banks. From what I know, you can open a bank account from most of the EU countries and they don't charge you a monthly fee. The only drawback so far is that it takes long to contact their customer care.
    • Dawid Piaskowski
      Dawid PiaskowskiCEO and co-founder of Productz

      The worst customer service in history. Don't be lured by how easy is to set up an account - the rest is a nightmare. If something doesn't work (and that happens very often) you are left alone for who knows how long. AVOID

    • Chris | Vrixe
      Chris | VrixeEdit and open the best moments together.

      I want the people who made this app, to make everything I have to interface with in my life. Its really that good and quiet about it. Just download and live happy ever after.

  2. Thanasis
    ThanasisUI/UX @EU_Commission · Written
    Thes best one I have used so far, dead simple to use amazing customer support and with a lot of features!
  3. Tyler van der Hoeven
    Tyler van der HoevenDeveloper, Baremetrics · Written
    Monzo? Idk cause I can't use it yet but I hear amazing things.