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What are some of the best tools to protect yourself from getting hacked?

In light of the recent news about the CIA/WikiLeaks fiasco, there's heightened awareness about the threat of hacking. What apps and resources can individuals use to protect themselves as much as possible?
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    Virtual payment cards in 1Password

    Make safer payments online with 1Password and Privacy

    Use a password manager like 1Password to create super secure passwords for all of your accounts.
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    KateMarketer; prev Product Hunt, GitHub Β· Written
    After very strong recommendations by @andreasklinger and @mscccc I swapped by low-tech spreadsheet for 1Password and OMG I have not looked back. It's freaking changed my life and I swear by it. All my passwords are locked up and I can access them across all my apple devices (iPhone, iPad, Mac) with ease. Plus, 1Password helps recommend lovely, super complex passwords that it then saves for you, so you don't have to remember a string of gibberish while keeping all your online shopping accounts safe.
    Alex"!Digital Security Matters!" Β· Written
    Yes! It helps a lot!
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    ';--have i been pwned?

    Check if your account has been compromised in a data breach

    Maia Bittner
    Maia Bittnerex-engineer turned fintech nerd Β· Written
    Have I been pwned emails you whenever it finds your information has been compromised in a hack
    Great service to keep tabs on vulnerabilities that may impact you. As soon as you receive an email from Have I Been Pwned, go to the site in question, immediately change your password, and that should keep you out of trouble for many leaks and breaches that hit third party sites.
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    Signal 2.0

    Send end-to-end encrypted text, picture, and video messages

    Lachlan Campbell
    Lachlan CampbellNYU β€˜23β€”Hack Club/Design+JSβ€”they/them 🌈 Β· Written
    Signal is a Snowden-approved, end-to-end encrypted chat app. It's widely considered the safest messaging service. πŸ’¬
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    Fastest Ads Blocker

    Best product for those people who spend most of their time on the web browsers. Helps filter out ads in the most non-obvious locations and origins, thus returning the best value on a free software unlike Adblocker which has become almost useless.
    Nemod Marg
    Nemod MargHello World! Β· Written
    I love this extension.
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    Newly launched Mac OS X integration for password management

    KrGameFrench Gamer sometimes Β· Written
    Use Lastpass to stock your passwords and secure it
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    Julia DeBari
    Julia DeBariDesign Educator Β· Written
    It also allows you to share a password with others without them seeing the actual password. You can also store notes such as wifi at different locations. Its mobile app needs some work though.
    Todd Trann
    Todd TrannOwner, Prairie West Software Consulting Β· Written
    I use the Family Sharing feature to share some passwords with my wife, so when I change the password she always has the latest one. Love it!
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    Best Password Manager & Secure Digital Wallet.

    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic Β· Written
    Yet another password manager that is recommended.
    Last version is super slick!
    Dashlane gives you a security score and shows you sites where you have used the same password or weak passwords. I have even seen several instances when there is a major breach on a site in your password list that it notifies you of it and recommends a password change. Finally, and perhaps the most important feature, is that it has a password changer tool that can automatically change your password on many supported sites to one that is random generated and stored automatically back in your profile (not to mention all at once for multiple sites!)
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    Malwarebytes 3.0

    A next-generation antivirus replacement

    I recommend MalwareBytes wholeheartedly as the best replacement for traditional consumer anti-virus software which has repeatedly failed to do its job. For heavy consumers of content over the web and those not knowing cybersecurity enough, MalwareBytes provides adequate protection for your PC. It has protected me from spyware, adware, drive by downloads - truly enterprise grade security.
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    Dead simple two-factor authentication optimized for devs

    ArunHappiness Engineer, Automattic Β· Written
    Authy is a great choice for TOTP generation. I have replaced Google Authenticator for this.
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    Quickly scan your cloud for exposed sensitive information.

    Ryan Hoover
    Ryan HooverFounder of Product Hunt & Weekend Fund Β· Written
    This was shared by @om earlier today, a tool that scans your cloud (e.g. Gmail) for sensitive information like social security numbers, so that if you do get hacked, you're less exposed.
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    Get a new virtual card for every transaction

    Generate disposable single-use credit cards (backed by your own bank account) to use online without risking your real cards being stolen, leaked and/or used fraudulently.
    Dead simple to use with their Chrome plugin. the 'only drawback' is that it's tied to a debit card or checking account - so no points if you have a mileage card or credit card w/ cashback.
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    Chat Safe with your Friends

    Alex Heikel
    Alex Heikel www.gethal.com - www.54.wtf Β· Written
    Alex Heikel made this product
    The best way to talk with your friends safe (not only for the encryption)
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    LogDog V2

    Identity theft and hacking protection

    Ben Lang
    Ben LangCommunity @NotionHQ, angel investor Β· Written
    Logodog has a bunch of apps and tools for monitoring your accounts and receiving alerts when there's suspicious activity.
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    Sebastien Barrau
    Sebastien BarrauCo-founder, htmlsig and passpass Β· Written
    Sebastien Barrau made this product
    We built and use this to share passwords and secret keys with our team and friends. Its secure fast and easy to use. paste your password or passphrase and you get a link and a pin to reveal the password. The shared passwords get deleted from the site after they are viewed by recipient.
    Works effortlessly and flawlessly
    Luc Castera made this product
    It's like snapchat to share passwords. Passwords get destroyed after they are retrieved with a pin (or after 48 hours) and you are not asked for any other info outside of the password so even if compromised there is no way to link that password to you or your account.
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    Choose simplicity, get Cozy

    Romain QUECHON
    Romain QUECHONGrowth Communities @Agorize Β· Written
    I'm using a personal cloud solution like Cozy (https://cozy.io/fr/) hosted in France to avoid being tracked by the CIA for example. They've developed many apps to help you managing your personal data as banks accounts, photos and administrative issues 😊
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    Private Internet Access

    $40/yr VPN w/ unlimited bandwidth & worldwide gateways

    One of a few well-reviewed, industry-professional trusted VPNs that I like and use. Clients for most platforms, easy 1-click on/off.
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    Disconnect 2.0

    Stop sites from tracking your movements on the web

    Combo privacy filter, ad blocker and VPN. Available for desktop and mobile.
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    Enpass Password Manager
    MitchI make websites & stuff. Β· Written
    I've tried basically every password manager. I always go back to Enpass. It has Syncing, and lets you choose where to save the encrypted file. I have it saved on Google Drive, so if I get a new device, I just log into drive and all my passwords are there. The file is encrypted, so if someone gets to it in your Drive/Dropbox/Etc, they can't do anything with it unless they have the Enpass app as well as your master password for the app. The desktop Windows/MacOS apps are free and open source (Open source is huge for me) and they're good looking and easy to use. The only thing I don't like is that the mobile apps are $10 *per platform*... I happily paid for it on Android, but if I switch to iOS or want to download the actual Windows App (not the desktop version) from the App store, I'll have to pay another $10. I would love to be able to switch platforms since I already paid for it... but not a huge deal.
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    Canary Tokens

    Deploy tiny traps to detect hackers and breaches

    Travis Martin
    Travis MartinCo-Founder Cataliss LLC Β· Written
    This is BY FAR the easiest way (if you take an hour or a bit less) time to set up the tokens! They will alert you if your files are being looked at - even by folks at Dropbox! I am personally a fan of Nathan House, a great UK OPSEC Advisor see his explanation on the tokens here: https://www.stationx.net/canaryt...
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    Keepsafe Shared Albums

    Invite friends to a secure, shared photo album

    Engin Kurutepe
    Engin KurutepeIndie maker CallTap SolarWatch DuoCam Β· Written
    Make sure your private photos stay private.